Thunder Alley owners....

I have had my TA for oh...4 months or so. I noticed it was quite loud, louder than I remember it, and was lacking a bit of top end pull, so I decided to check the packing...

...what packing??? was so blown out that it barely had maybe 10% of what it should have.

I repacked it with the pink stuff, so what if it lasts only 3 months, I can repack that thing in 5 minutes and the pink stuff is CHEAP. (free). Now it has the nice deep growl back and I suppose when I ride it wednesday night it will pull a bit better again.

The build quality of this thing is incredible, the allen bolts in the end come out easily, the core slips tightly into the main body, and while it was all off I cleaned it good and even took the header off and cleaned it as well, now it has the "blue steel" look again from the heat...

I know some of you guys out there need to check yours...Mitch, I am talking to you buddy! :) (SmokinOkie is the reason I decided to get a TA, I rode his CRF at Cycleranch and was impressed by the added low end).

I would love to try someone's bike with the TA system, but have not seen anyone near me have one. Anyone in or near NJ got one on their scoot?

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