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Issues with road use WR426?

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with regard to using a wr426 for long range road use, and there any problems... searching through this forum uncovers occaisonal moments of discouragement for highway use.

i understand the lack of a cush drive in the rear hub requires a gentler approach to engine braking without the bearings/chain taking some of the strain... esp. if running road tyres rather than knobblies.

are there really any issues with sustained running at 75% rpms... surely this is the same for blasting across wide open land? does the owners manual indicate otherwise?

..and what sort of rpm is the motor typically running at 70 to 80mph?



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:) I Super Motard my 400 with little problems so far, change your gearing and a 70-80 cruise is easy, no idea as to rpm's no tacho but seems OK.


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With standard 14:50 gearing and standard knobby,

the WR426 is geared for the following in 5th gear.


91 6000

105 7000

120 8000

136 9000

151 10,000

Divide KPH by 1.62 to get the relevant MPH


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Hi Gareth

hi all

I got myself an '01 WR426F with 1200km up in early May, and I've been using it since for daytrips over the hills here, after a first (and, alas, so far only) offroad weekend. It's upsetting that you can't find almost no (legally accessible) trail-ride areas in Switzerland...

I have a second set of wheels for road use with Metzeler Enduro4, 21" front with a 320mm floating disc and a 17x3,5" rear rim. "StreetMoto" is what i'd call it, not "SuperMoto". I for myself

have difficulty adapting to the strange handling feeling a "classic" SuperMoto-Setup (120/70R17 front, 160/50R17 rear) gives, I prefer the "leaner" approach with a narrow front tyre.

At present, I run it with a 15x42 secondary transmission, but i'll definitely go back to 14x42. With 15x42, 5th gear is more of an "overdrive", useable only from 90km/h up, and it won't rev-out anymore in 5th... [i even had to let a Subaru Impreza STi pull away uphill last week at >130km/h... *grrrr*].

For offroad use, I stuck with the stock 14x50 transmission and a second chain. Keeping the front

sprocket the same and having 2 chains allows for reasonably quick setup change :-)

After almost 2000km of road use, I am currently trying to find some spare time to do an oil change and check valve clearance. I'll give some feedback on it as soon as possible.

My buddy from across the german boarder has a 99 WR400F, and he's been using it for more than 4000km (offroad-only) before doing a valve-clearance check; which remained a check, there was nothing to adjust, and the oil would look as clean as new when he used to change it every ~1500km.



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