Only one WR450!!??

My dealer, or a dealer that I have used says they will only be getting ONE WR450 for 2003! They told me that they have 2(two) 2002 WR426's that they would sell for $5199. Prolly get them cheaper just so they got rid of them. I have been lookin forward to a 450 w/ e button, sounds like it would be a great bike. How much of a difference could these two bikes have? How hard to start the 426's? I want a thumper, and I want one that starts somewhat easily. I would appreciate any of your thoughts. Thanks, Dan

Find another dealer. This one seems more interested in selling you something you dont want just so he is rid of it.

While there is nothing wrong with the 426, if your heart is set on a WR450, buying anything else will just make you want it that much more. :)

If this dealer is only getting one wr450 all year (which i sort of doubt) its because he only ordered one. If you do decide to get the wr426, I'd aim for a number around 4800. :D



Not to mention the fact that if he is only getting 1 450, why is he in such a hurry to "get rid" of the 426's? Anyone throughout the rest of the year that wants an enduro will have no other option than the 426's...except that ONE person who gets the 450.......yep, I think he's scamming you. :)

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