Timing the squirt on a MXC400?

I know that Iv'e seen the topic before? Where can I find it again? and what improvements will I feel over the stock

setting.Also does anyone out there know the proper jetting

for a MXC400 with the Pro Circuit T4 exhaust.. I ride between 1500 and 4500 altitudes.

Steve :)

Try this

dmn needle #4 on clip

170 main jet

stock pilot

1 1/2 turns out on fuel screw

1 sec. fuel pump squirt time.

If you are running stock jetting and go to these settings you will love the new power and response.

Do a serch on fuel pump squirt timing

is the DME needle avail thru KTM?

the CLip is it 4th from top or bottom?

Also couldnt locate anything on timing the squirt...

Clip number is always counting down from top (blunt end ! ) of needle.

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