race tech gold valves.....

i have a 2003 crf 450 and need to sweeten the forks up a bit. i am maxed out on compression , and they still are not stiff enough for big hits and flat landings. plus they are harsh on the little choppy stuff. i was thinking of going with the gold valves, instead of waiting a month to get them back from factory connection. does any one have any positive or negative feed back about the gold valves?? the shock is absolutley perfect. thanks! mark

I have gold valve in all my bikes, and I love them.

If you are using all of your travel,I would add more oil

in your forks,this will make it stiffer at the end of the


I had dual stage gold valves in my YZ 125. I thought that they were terrific.

i added 10 cc's to each fork already. it helped, but its still not quite enough. thanks for your replys so far!

i have installed over 50 G.V. in the last 10 yrs great product with great support

I've got Race Tech springs & Gold Valves and think it's be the best mod I've done so far.....huge difference, it's like a completely different bike. I had the same bottoming symptoms as you, couldn't solve the problem with fork oil or clickers. Bought the springs and valves, rode the bike and wondered how I did without them. HUGE difference, gave me a lot more confidence.

I've used no action...ooops, i mean pro action and race tech. Love the race tech hands down. And the best part is the company will keep re-valving the bike for free until it's dialed in exactly how you want it.

I've used no action...ooops, i mean pro action and race tech. Love the race tech hands down.

I'm thinking of going with Pro-Action sometime in the near future, what didn't you like about them?

I have the Gold valves in mine and I love it. The only other one I would deal with is Factory Connection. I was like you also I thought my shock was perfect, but I went ahead and did it also with the Gold Valve, love it too.

Even though I had the full RAce Tech in my YZ (valves, springs and shim stacks), and liked it, I believe I will go Factory Connection this time. Either that or JM Racing.

h2ojunkie - "I've used no action...ooops, i mean pro action and..."

<font color="brown"> Holy Sh*t!!! I'm dropping my bike off at Pro Action this saturday! Do you know something I don't? I'm new to this motocross stuff so please help!!! I though Pro Action was a reputable suspension Co.

I like my race tech suspension, I had it shimmed for A level woods and I can still ride the MX tracks and enjoy it without to much buttoming. The first time I got it back wasn't really happy with the stiffness and they reshimmed it to my liking with no added cost.

It is my understanding, it is all in the shim stack. To get the shim stack formula, buy the Gold Valve.

RT valving is good...but dont follow there spring guideline. They are TOO soft for most MX tracks....

EX: 165-170lbs MX rider semi serious, there said .46 ft and 5.2 rr....

I wondered why I was getting so tired ... I was fighting with the bike, and bottoming etc.....

Finally, when I heard that the 2003 had a 5.6 rr spring. I went harder on both ends.... much better!!! Lap times and more control etc. Life was good again....

my 2cents worth...........ciao

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