Enduro headlight for CRF450?

Has anyone put an enduro type headlight (not dualsport) that fits and works with the stock CRF front brake hose? Baja designs has one for DS, but it has spacers and looks kind of vulnerable. Don't need that elaborate of a set-up anyway. Tried an XR style, but the back of headlight hit black box and steering head. Thanks for any help.

I use the light off of an XR on my 2003. All I did was remove the black rubber seal off of the back of the light and zip tie the bottom of the light housing to the lower tripple clamp. That way the zip ties pull the light out a little so that it clears the box and thebreak line just fits over the plate. I had to cut out a little bit of the housing for the break line holder. I also had to re drill the holes for the rubber band style mounts that hold the light to the forks. I'm near Detroit. If you want I can send you some pictures. Bottom line is that the XR light can be made to work. and it looks pretty good as well.

My '03 has an e-line multi-sport light kit that utilizes the 'oregon' headlight from acerbis. It is easily mounted to the forks with 4 thick rubber straps and has plenty of room behind the #plate to route the front brake hose. Check out the options at acerbis.com or elineaccessories.com.

Hey John,

Im just south of you in Muskegon. If ya ever need someone to ride with give me a holler.

Has anyone looked at the CRF250X headlight yet for use on the '03 CRF450R?

I bought a UFO headlight. took off the strap assy. and brackets. Drilled a hole where the bolt goes through to the triple clamps so I could bolt the top on. Then I mounted a narrow strip of aluminum on the botton with a 90* bend on it. Hard to explain, but it mounts just like the stock # plate and the hose goes on the outside just like stock. Oh, I also had to put a spacer between the headlight and the triple tree on the top bolt.

What kind of lighting coil did you (members posting) install in their bike and how many watts?


Mine's just for looks, not function. So when I ride in the State Forests I don't draw attention.

I used the Electrex coil. With a Trailtech fly wheel it is supposed to put out 140 watts. Without only 75 watts. It is a nice piece and was not to difficult to instal if you are handy with tools and a soldering iron. Mitch

BajaDesigns rewound my stock stator (50 watts) and then I installed a TrailTech Flywheel to double (100 watts) the electrical power for my e-line light kit.

I believe that the TrailTech 9oz. Flywheel is the best $100 you can spend on your CRF-X.

TrailTech's kickstand is also an excellent value.

My next mod will be the z-Start AutoClutch.

I didn't want anyone messoing with my stator so I made a little box that would mount on the back of the headlight to hold two 9 volt batteries. One for the head light and one for the tail/break light. Obviously this isn't for night riding but it worked good enough to get a plate and pass tech at the enduros.

Thanks guys, I'll save this thread

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