flywheel weight?

hello all, I have decided the next add/on is a flywheel weight. I will go with the 8 oz. Can anyone give me some links to a good weight. I think I want a bolt on. Hey what about possibly buying another flywheel with the weight allready installed? That sound good. thanks for the help

Steahly and Ty Davis are good flywheel weight resources. I don't know if Dr. D has them for 426's.

Mine is an MSR 10 oz, bolt on, easy install, no problems

Dr. D doesn't offer them for the 426, I just asked them the other day.

I'm researching these things myself and am leaning toward the Steahly product. Besides their an Oregon Company and I should support the local economy...right. Terrycable was the other product/brand I liked. You'll also find ZipTy offers a set.

SteahlyOffroads webpage

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