WC Skid Plate / Engine Guard Questions

Ok, I threw them on tonite but I'm not sure if there right? I have 2 extra bolts for the engine guards. The holes are right above the frame? The don't bolt to anything???

#2 On the rear mounts for the skid plate. I had to use a punch and knock it back to keep it from hitting/rubbing the oil drain bolt. I saw RED OZ pics and his mount was under the engine???? Did I mess up something? Are all the mounts the same, or is there a certain order. Front and rear.


Hi Dave, in case you didn't get my PM i will post some pics of mine tomorrow for you.


I just fitted mine the other day...Worked a treat...The Skid had three the same, and one slightly, ever so slightly different...The Engine Guards...i didnt get them...We have a company down under here...called Ballards...You heard of the RedOZ??? Prop obviously...well, they have replica of the WC, but are tiny bit thicker, and better grade ali, and have slots instead of holes...One bolt on each, and fit great...there is another hole on the bottom, but there is no place to screw it into...so I dont get it...I figure that the stock ones were only mounted with one so it is all good...Man, I cased a double today though and it was all good!!! :)

Well, I got mine used and didn't get instructions. I think I got the one that was different in the wrong spot. It looks like the lower left side mount is suppose to be slid under the engine case. Thanks in advance for the pics OZ.


Here a pic of the mount I'm talking about.


mine look just like the pic above.

I gota tell you I ran moose and Works Conn and both dont cut it. The Devol are the best skid plates made. The best mounts for sure. The Works bolt on case guards will pull the insert out of the frame the first time you hit anything bigger than a field mouse. Devols plate covers the engine like the WC case guards but are far superior in durability.

D Frame

Yep, I must have the one "different" mount in the wrong place. In image #4 it shows the mount under the oil drain bolt. Mine wouldn't go under it so I guess it's not the right mount. I'll change it tomorrow. Thanks OZ for the help :)


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