Is it worth the weight??????

Ok guys, my biggest concern about the new 450 is the fat factor. Despite a couple of other posts discovering a couple of million usless ways to weigh a perfectly good motorcycle no one wants to own up what the new wr450 weighs.

I coming off a 250f and have ridden a 450exc and loved it but iI'm hoping the blue 450 will be my cinderella. ANY BODY HAVE SOME USEFULL NUMBERS??????????

It doesn't appear that anyone does or is willing to post any real numbers. just tell jokes and be try to be clever.

if i get mine soon(allegedly in the next 2 weeks)i will weigh and post in a day or 2 after receipt.

The actual weight of a thumper is deceiving whatever it may be. I judge a bike by how light it FEELS on the trail. I don't care what the scale says. I will judge it by how my arms feel after a couple hour ride in some tough singletrack. I raced an XR650 in the baja a couple years ago. It didn't feel all that heavy to me. I rode a XR600 the other day around some trails, and it felt VERY heavy. I have no clue what the scale says about them.

When I get my WR450, I'll race prep it, fuel it, and weigh it, and post it. But it will be just numbers to me. I'll see how tired I am at the end of the race and determine how heavy it is or isn't.

David if you show up saturday you can feel the weight for yourself. I think you will be surprised. It feels lighter than my YZ250. It is definately a well balanced bike.

I have not had a chance to weigh mine, to busy with set-up and riding it. But I can tell you the perception while riding is much better than the 400/426 even with the YZ tank and seat.The ergos and balance of the bike are very much improved.

The motor alone put a huge smile on my face. :)

I agree with all of the answers on this post regarding how the bike feels on the trail compared to what the numbers actually are. My 02 WR was 268lbs with fuel and it felt lighter than my kx500 did...until I had to lift it. =) It's still nice to know how much it weighs if for nothing better than to have an answer for people when they ask. :)

I called a dealer yesterday and they said that the WR 450F comes in at 242 lbs.

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