15-44 for dual sporting?

ive done about just under 4000km with my bike. Just been changing the oil every now and then 500-700km and the bike purrs fine.

Ive done all the free mods including the wirecut and all i need now is a nice and loud end can..

I do alot of 400km rides and the bike copes well. She does 89mph on the gps with the 15-50 gearing and cruises comfortably at 55-65mph.

I dont think there is a better bike out there for me.. well for what i use this one for anyways..

my bike has had MANY miles on the road, as its been a dual sport most of its life...no issues...Actually I think that riding on the road is easier on the transmission.....no shock loads/unloads and less throttle easier.

Anyone know if my 2000 has the spring style clutch basket?

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