Anybody buying anything from Sudco?

I am in need of the 3 orings for the fuel joint on my 2001 YZ426 and sudco has a minimun order of $25. Don't need anything else but those 3 $.56 is anybody doing an order that I could add my order and pay for them for these?

If not, does anybody know another place to get these since Yamaha doesn't have a part number for them? :thumbsup:

Try ordering 3 of 3TJ-14564-40-00. That's the fuel inlet O-ring for an '06.

Awesome Gray...your the man!

BTW - would you know if the shouldered screw that holds that fuel joint in the carb is just to hold it in there or does it actually pinch the joint to hold it tighter?

The reason I ask is cause the threads that hold the screw are stripped. Right now I put a dab of JB weld on the head of the screw to keep it from falling out.

The screw runs across the fuel bore near the edge so that it retains the fitting by passing through a "waist" groove. This holds the fitting in while letting it pivot. There's no requirement that it clamp anything, and as long as it will stay put, it should be fine.

Cool thanks very much Gray! :thumbsup:

I bought the FCR rebuild kit all the rubber seals for the carb from the Honda dealer it was like $20 and now I have all the rubber gaskets for those midnight repairs I find myself involved in so often.

I have a 2001 YZ426 and am looking for a carb rebuild kit. Are you saying I can get one from Honda? What exactly do I need to ask for? Any help appreciated.

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