Weight Pool

Remember when we all guessed the wet weight of the new 450? I can't remember which thread it was in. Could someone with a good memory please help. :)

I remember that pool...not sure where it is though. Not that it would make the much difference anyway since it seems none of the new WR450 owners are willing to weigh them and post the results. They've been getting them for two weeks now and not a single photo either...

The topic was "Yamaha says WR450 is 245 lbs. Dry" and was posted by drkarnes. The pool suggestion was made by R Little.

Well ddialogue,

I'm anxious to see how much your WR450f will weight... I hope we can count on you....

Math :)

I'm here for ya!! Dealer says the next one will be in February sometime...yeah, right. Caught myself looking at the KTMUSA.com website but the color and the price brought me to my senses! (Just kidding all you KTM guys!) :)

Remember Grasshopper(ddialogue)

it is better to ride <font color="orange">ORANGE then to sit around waiting for the dealer to call.

Hoo Plung Poo



...and here I sit with nothing to ride. :)


Do orange bikes run outside of a garage?? I've only seen your bike running in the garage. Do they go in the dirt? Are you ever gonna take your out in the dirt? Just checking

:):D :D


Re: Yamaha says WR450 is 245 lbs. dry

We should know when the next issue of Dirt Bike comes out, surely they will have some kind of test w/ a weight published by then.


When that Blue thing makes it to the top of a hill then you can talk smack, but until then stay in the kiddie pool with the rest of the girls.

:):D :D

"ouch that hurts"

I don't know what I was thinking but I found myself at the KTM shop today during lunch. Sat on and started the 450EXC. I will admit...that is one NICE bike!! The only thing I would change would be to change to black plastic. I love the feel of the ergos and height. How does the KTM 450 compare to the WR 450 power-wise (or even the 426, for that matter?) I guess I'll have to wait for a magazine shootout or something. I'm having a hard time with the $7800 price tag but I am aware of the quality and type of components that come standard on the bikes (including front and rear steel-braided brake lines.) I was impressed!! Now, do I wait another month for the WR450 or do I spend the extra $1,200 and go pick up a 450EXC today?? I used to be so sure of myself. Now I'm just confused. :)

1200.00 bucks will buy a lot of "quality components".


i would say wait for the WR for 3 reasons . 1. it's cheaper 2.you've waited this long 3.an orange bike? lol

nothing against KTM's just don't wanna look like i'm riding a pumpkin in the pits

Come to the <font color="orange">Orange side. Let go of all of those unhappy Blue feelings and go ride instead of waiting. Besides you could by a bike that comes with the goods or take the time to hassle with shipping the parts in, putting them on and then going riding, that is if you got shipped the right parts in the first place. And like you said change the color, black plastics are always good.

So what's it gonna be?

Sit and wait with your thumb up your butt untill Yamaha pulls theirs out?


Go riding an <font color="orange"> orange monster?

Think man, think


Those 426 are still good!!! Why don't you get a used one until you receive the 450? I know: money talks. But think you should consider this option.

Math :)

Don't you just love how the orange red and yellow folks just can't stay of the Blue forum. :)

Like the marketing campaign says "We build what others can't" :D

"We build what others can't"

Too bad they can't get them here. Maybe they should build a boat next.

We all come to the blue side because our boards are boreing. I mean, when you have a perfect machine, and don't need to cut,grind,remove or un-cork anything what else do you do?

:):D :D

you wait until ktm puts on a 5th valve and 2nd cam or if you cant wait that long then just solve the problem at the root and get a yamaha :):D :D :D

Why in the he$$ would I want a "5th valve and a second cam"


a cut grey wire, grinded down throttle stop, baffles removed from the air box and last but not least a loud as he$$ un-corked muffler?

Do you call these mods or fixing what Yamaha won't?

:):D :D

Thanks Hick & Math. I'm glad you guys still have all your marbles. Too bad about PUMPKIN PIE...LOL :):D :D

I think Pumkin Sled Head is attempting to justify a KTM purchase by slamming the blue side. Truth is, if he had it to do over, he’d get a 450 YAMAHA instead.

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