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I'm not slamming anything just having some fun at the blues side expense. And if I didn't, then you would have nothing to reply to. And if you didn't have anything to reply to then you would have nothing to read. And if you had nothing to read then you would have to actually do your job. And if you actually did your job then you would decide that you hated your job and quit. And if you quit then you would have no money for riding. So see, you all actually owe me. Send checks to.........

BTW I think all bikes are created equal, it's the rider that makes the difference.

In Pumpkin Heads' defense, I looked at the 450EXC's yesterday and I think had it not been for the price (I admit, I was sticker-shocked) I would probably have taken it home with me. I was in the KTM shop for nearly an hour, sitting on and playing with that 450EXC...and I began to wonder where my loyalties really were...Blue? Orange?

When it all comes down to it, I think I could be just as good a rider on a KTM or Honda as I am on the Yamaha. Like PH said, it's really the rider that makes the difference.

$7,800 for the KTM and $6,600 for the Yamaha sure seem high. You should be able to get the KTM out the door under 7 even with tax, and the yammy should be closer to 6.

I've got several friends who are picking up the Yamaha and based on the pricing they are finding, the KTM is usually about 700 to 800 more, which is pretty easy to justify.

I like both brands, and neither are perfect. I am interested to see how the WR feels and rides, but I love my KTM. It does seem to stay looking nicer than the Blue bike, The wet clutch is worth its weight in gold, and motor is unbelievable.

I'm changing both front fork seals on the Yammy and its only 4 months old! Also had to change the bars and both levers. The chain and sprockets are not far behind. Buts its still a awsome little bike. Its so damn light. I think you really cant go wrong with either the WR450 or the 450EXC, but either way you go, you should REALLY do some homework on the pricing, maybe you could save some $$$$$$$$$$$

By the way, my FAVORITE color is BLUE my pumkin is currently BLACK, but its soon going to be blue thanks to Cemoto in Italy. They have nice Blue plastic for the KTM. That should confuse a few people at the track!

My 2 cents. The local Yamaha dealer that has my $300 deposit on a WR450 (which is now about 2 weeks late) Let me take his personal bike (KTM450exc) and wring it out a little. In a drag race it would be walked on by lots of 2 stroke 250s. I thought the power delivery was almost electric motor like. This could be a real good thing 55 miles into a 75 mile enduro. It seemed lite and plush and easy to turn. Noticed a little harshness crossing ruts or small ridges but could probly be tuned out. I had just sold an XR650 and was dissapointed in the lack of low end but any one who has ridden the PIG knows so far nothing compares with it for low end. I have been riding a YZ250 with pipe and flywheel mods in enduros and I think I would prefer the KTM 450 to the YZ250. I am just hoping the WR has a little more low end than the KTM and handles as sweet. Tim

I'm also wondering about the lowend on the WR, but if you want real Low end grunt try the 520, its a tractor, and still smooth throughout the powerband. It does sometimes tend to make your arms a little longer.

So, not to change the subject or anything, but what is the wet weight??? We need to know.

Someone posted that the wet weight according to the manual was 269lbs. Correct me if I'm wrong. :)

Gotta throw in my 2 cents as I was looking very seriously at KTM. If the factory numbers are correct (doubt it) the Yamaha is lighter. The PDS rear suspension is very sensitive to spring preload adjustment. This is due to no linkage. Remember, the linkage effectivly gears down the shock and slows the shaft speed. If you adjust your chain on the KTM you will be playing with the spring to get it back in the sweet spot and keep it balanced. Equal rider more than likley will go faster on the Yamaha, due to easier to set up and a superior rear suspension system. Trail riding this will not be much of a factor unless you are a hammer head. There is only one thing that stopped me from going orange. That is the PDS rear suspension. It has a "hingey" feel to me. I know the Yamaha will be quick and easy to dial in. It know has every thing that the KTM has and even an automatic decompresion system. Dollar for dollar it just make sense to go blue. The KTM has a definite cool factor, but I pass alot of them, and that is cooler yet! :) Sorry could not help it! Honestly, either bike is a winner, and in my opinion there are only five bikes really suited to a racing fourstroke guy if he is off road. WR-450 WR-250 YZ-250f KTM 450 and 525 exc. Man, I feel like I just took a big dump! I hope this helps. ----Mike

Changing the preload because you adjusted the chain? That is totally not necessary. True the feel of the PDS takes time to get used to, but it is not so different in feel that we amateurs would be in constant search of the "sweet spot". Once you have the suspension adjusted, like any bike, you ride it and make small changes depending upon the terrain. IMO, the PDS is not a weak point, besides its part of the reason the KTM is lighter.

My puzzlement is that the new WR is claimed at 245 and the EXC at 257? Anyway I do not know your level of riding. I do however know of several people who notice this and I have noticed it on my buddy's 250 EXC that he booted down the road after puting $750 trying to get it dialed. We may not be Mike Lafferty but we know how to set up bike's and the PDS is a pain compared to KYB on the Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc. Is the PDS that bad? NO! It is just that a linkage works better. Ask Alan Randt. He might not admit that publicly though. What sucks is I realy want the KTM. PDS and parts prices. The two silly parts of KTM ownership. I hope they get thier poop in a group so I can get one. Until they perfect the PDS or go back to a linkage I am nervous. As far as the chain adjustment, you can notice the difference in balance if you have a feel for a bike. ---Mike

Luke...Luke....I am your Father. Resist the orange..... Come to the blue side.... Use the blue force and spend the extra $1200 on trick parts, TSB fixes, constant oil changes and a halfway decent chain and bar. Beware though that the 03' WR450 I broke-in last Thursday will smoke the 02' WR 426 or the 01' KTM 520. I know, Iv'e owned them both. Luke....

Everyone keeps talking about a $1200 difference when buying theses bikes, but what I'm wondering is what they're worth at the end of the day. I don't know about down there, but up here used KTM's are like gold, and used Yamahas are just used Yamahas. It's much easier to sell a used KTM as the demand seems greater than the supply. Even trading the bike in to a dealer, a "clean" 2001 WR426 will bring about $4700 and a 2001 400 EXC hits closer to $5700. So don't forget that price difference is still there in the end too!

Oh yeah - one other thing. Up here the KTM dealers are very off-road oriented (for obvious reasons) and most Yamaha dealers speak either V-Star, R-1, or 660 Grizzley.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I like both brands, and neither are perfect. I am interested to see how the WR feels and rides, but I love my KTM. It does seem to stay looking nicer than the Blue bike, The wet clutch is worth its weight in gold, and motor is unbelievable.

I've ridden many 520EXC's, without a doubt they are awesome bikes, fast,light and quiet. I really like the KTM's...

I choose to buy a Japanese motorcycle because they are the best product you can buy period. Sorry, for me it's not the extra $1500.00 that bothers me. I really think that the Yamaha's front end is solid and stays where you put it. I feel that the overall feel is better on the WR. As far as the blue bike not looking as good as a KTM over time I have to disagree, even my friends with KTM's agree the funky orange plastic gets torn up and looking shabby after a few rides.....

cheers, Dan

We should know when the next issue of Dirt Bike comes out, surely they will have some kind of test w/ a weight published by then.

Hick, I'll have my WR450 on Monday. I have a digital scale at work all ready to weigh my bike and I'll post a photo of the bike on the scale so we can all see...


You're the man, Dan! :)

Yep, my brother-in-law has a 525 and loves it. But I feel "right" on these yamahas whether it be the WR426 or the YZ250f - I can jump on either one and not have to adjust at all! Jam to the first turn on either after riding the other and no sweat!

Another nice thing besides "feel" and price is that I can get lighter parts cheap to bring the WR weight down. For example, I just bought a YZ pipe for 75.00. Even with all the mods I've done; tank, seat, bars and pipe etc. that still doesn't come close to the $1500 more with the $8K otd my brother-in-law paid, I've still got a grand to go! (But I'll spend it on something else) I paid $6500 otd for the first 02 WR426 released in this area. Nothing against KTM, just for me there really wasn't an argument. Toss that new starter, you don't need it anymore, what's that called? an anachronism? :) Yamaha overkilled the starting issue I think.

Hick, I'll have my WR450 on Monday. I have a digital scale at work all ready to weigh my bike and I'll post a photo of the bike on the scale so we can all see...

Right on. I'll keep an eye out for that post.

I've also ridden quite a few RFS bikes, the '03s don't have that unhinged feeling up front anymore BTW. Anyway I also think KTMs are good bikes, but what makes me most uncomfortable about them is the rear suspension. The '03 forks are great, handling is very good (both improved big time over '02), but the rear end transmits too much to the rider IMO (of course I'm sure w/ proper set up this can be mitigated somewhat). Take a 525 and a YZF/WR over the same set of braking bumps and you will instantly see what I mean.

But the new KTMs do handle much better I think and the forks are much better.

Well, I pick up my WR-450 next week. I would have it sooner but the wife is having surgery today. That is a bit more important :) ----Mike

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