RMEC website

Does anyone know what's up with the RMEC website, now that they "upgraded" it??? :)

When and where is the banquet?

Any dates released for 2003 season?


All I know is that they are having a race in Arizona on March 16th. I plan to be there. My first real enduro race. Kinda nervous.

Keener, I checked the site too... looks like somebody got over anxious about his

Anaheim I pix....

I haven't seen the RMEC schedule, but it's usually published after the banquet.

I think the banquet is sometime this month but I'm not sure.

You can find most of the first few RMEC/TSCEC co-sanctioned races on the TSCEC site

at www.tscec.org The first is Caprock Canyon on 3/23 (PHX sounds like the first

race) and Lone Star follows on 4/6. Rumor has it there's no "Last Chance" this year.

David, best of luck in your first enduro... Phoenix can be a butt kicker. Ride to finish.



The reworked RMEC website had the tentative schedule posted for a couple of days, but it was hidden near the membership field. They've since pasted a different pop-up over it, don't know if they don't want anyone seeing it before the banquet,which is this Saturday.

True enough, missing from the races for this year are: Nebraska, Last Chance, Peetz, Montrose-still. Additions are:

Calamity! Ye-ah!, Del Norte National, Elk Mountain, WY(pretty much due north of Calamity). Also scheduled are the Texas races, Kachina, Jumping Cow, Inyan Kara, Mile High. There was mention of an ISDE qualifier-type event, TBA.

First impressions are mixed feelings, will be missing some great events while welcoming others.

Along with my other recent first, I am very interested in trying an enduro this year. I have read a littlebit about the time keeping and think I may have a grip on the basics but, If you guys have a suggestion for a first enduro and some time to chat about time keeping I would be very interested. I might even buy beer?

Jason (racemile) Mighell

The nice thing about the RMEC events is that some do not require the rider to do timekeeping. Essentially, you go as fast as you can through the timed sections. Non-timed, or transfer sections, will take you to the beginning of the next timed section, where you'll usually have a bit of time for a breather before it's time to race again. The format is good to allow people to ride enduro type terrain without being intimidated by the timekeeping aspect. I would recommend the Jumping Cow enduro for your first, near Agate, CO. It's a non-timekeeping event, close to Denver, that has a surprising diversity of terrain for being out in the middle of the eastern plains. After you wet-pun intended-your appetite with that one, perhaps you'll get the urge to try a full blown timekeeping event.

No Nebraska this year? Bummer! I was actually thinking about going back this year!

About the two-day event, I'd heard that the bunch at Inyan Kara were thinking about

doing something along these lines for a couple of years. Depending on when it happens,

I may try that one too. Some of the best times I've had were at qualifiers.

Given the amount of snow we're getting (or not getting), I wouldn't count on Calamity... :) Hopefully, I'm wrong.


Yeah, I know, Nebraska was always a good, tough race. During the riders meeting the morning of the race last year, Ted Winkleman said there would probably not be a race because the Forest Service was making them alternate sites every year. It's my understanding that because alot of the land at Crawford is private land, every 3 years is the best they could get to run there. So it'll be Crawford 04, Chadron 05, no event 06, etc.

I hope you're wrong too on Calamity, it's high time the multi-time enduro of the year came back. Haven't they been getting a bunch of snow in the Rabbit Ears Pass, Steamboat, Routt Forest area?

Merfman, Thanks for the link. I'm trying to plan my work schedule in advance for a Monday recoop/travel day. Isn't the banquet at the Radisson Castle at 104th and I-25? I'[d like to go, but I hope I haven't missed registration.


My suggestion for your first enduro is to 1) find a non-time keeping event or 2) check out the A, B, or C riders on your minute with time keeping equiptment. Introduce yourself and ask if they wouldn't mind if you hang out behind them. Many may reply with something to the effect of "...sure, if you can keep up!" :D Otherwise, just go out and enjoy the one-directional trail ride. That's pretty much what I do :)

It seems like the banquet is tomorrow night 1/22 at the Radisson Castle, if I remember right.


I'm also wanting to try an enduro, maybe we can get a group together to go over timing and beer :). Kindof a drunk workshop, I vote for Keener as workshop leader.

As nominee for the drunken timekeeping workshop, I have found the info on the banquet :)

Sat, Jan. 25

Radisson North Denver Graystone Castle

83 East 120th Ave

Denver, 80233

Exit 223 (120th ave) off I-25. Northeast corner of intersection.

$79 rooms at the Radisson 303-451-1002.

Banquet cost is $26 and you must contact Bryan Penney by Wednesday 1/22!!! N o walk-ins!!! 303-810-9357

Promoters mtg 10:00

Product show 4:00

Dinner, awards and entertainment 6:00

The dinner spread looks pretty good, too.

For basic timekeeping, I wrote a couple of articles for an online rag a few years

ago. They can be found at: http://www.all-offroad.com/DirtBikes/Beginners/index.html

I'll be happy to answer any questions if I can.

IMHO, timekeeping events are what made enduros for me. I like the challenge of trying

to out-think the promoters while also trying to ride fast. I'm better at the former and

suck at the latter.


I will second Keeners nomination and add Merfs. The only issue to discuss at this time is: Will their participation be voluntary or will they require kidnapping? Also, as they are doing this gratis, do we have to throw in dinner or will imported beer be enough?


Uh, sorry gang, I won't be at the banquet. :)

I'll see you at the races?! :D


Sorry for the misunderstanding. I wont be at the banquet either. I think that us rookies to the enduro scene should get together with the vets of the enduro scene, and ply your secrets from you with food and alcohol.

:):D :D


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