piston for 83 dr125

i was told to come over to this section of the forum and see if u guys can help me out

i have a 83 dr100 abd i had a crack in my cam chain tunnel on my jug so i just bought a 125 jug off of ebay. should i use a 84 125 piston or a 02-06 drz15 piston?

i can get a new 1984 125 piston and rings for $55, vs a 02 drz125 piston kit for 90 on ebay.

is there any performace increase? higher compression between the two?

what kind of piston? Aftermarket or OE? (the drz piston)

yes it will the drz125 wiseco is higher compression than stk.

+1, get the wiseco, more compression=more power

ok sweet. have you guys heard anything if they will fit a normal dr125

the drz and the dr 125's have the same exact motor, save the electric start on the dr... so any parts are easily interchangable...

The dr 100 has different ignition system that I was told that works better.

now i just looked up the part numbers for the 87 125 head and it was diffrent then my 83 dr100 head. will i need to change that?

you guys are the only ones helping me.......

should just be small combustion chamber. still should work just higher compression ratio.as is the 125 compared to the 200 combustion chamber larger.

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