Canadian Customs????

I am planning on driving to Canada to buy another bike this weekend. What do I need to get into Canada and back into the US? Birth certificate, Soc. Sec card, picture ID???? Thanks for the help.

You should have picture ID and birth certificate but they probobly won't ask for it unless you look like a terrorist.


Do you know how far Carrie, Ontario is from Detroit Michigan?

Does anyone know how to call Canada. I have tried everything I can think of. I want to call this guy and work out the details. Please help.

Last I checked, you only need your picture ID (driver's license), your birth certificate is good to have to prove you're a US citizen - the best is to have a passport. Try calling the US Border Patrol & the Canadian Embassy...

If you are bringing your kids (provided you have kids) they will need a birth certificate. This is to make sure you have not kidnapped them. Make sure you don’t have any knives, bullets, or tobacco products that you don’t know about. I once got a little heat about an “It’s a girl” cigar and a 22 shell. It is also a good idea to make sure the address on your driver's license is up to date.

I am actually going to pick up another kid. 2003 YZ 250. I figured I might as well have a two and four stroke. I just want to make sure I make it back in time for work on Monday. Thanks for all the help TTers.

Will I need anything besides a proof of purchase to get the bike back in the states?

Check this thread out...

Post 9/11 they require a birth certificate and picture ID. I just picked up a 250F. A few tips. You don't have to pay the PST tax if you fax a copy of the paperwork back to the dealer with the Peace Bridge stamp on it. This proves you exported the bike. Try to keep the GST tax under 500 Canadian and they give it back in cash at the boarder. They gave me a little grief about a EPA sticker. After a few calls on their part they realized their (silly) error. I paid $4700.00 American. You get a better rate on the exchange if you have the patience to stuff 5 grand into the machines in the casinos. I went to the window for convenience the guy I was with saved 80 bucks stuffing 50’s in the machine. All in all no issues if you like the funky end on the silencer. It must go! Enjoy your new scoot.

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