Info on Sand Hill Ranch

Has anybody been there lately. I heard it went down hill from days I used to go there, mid 80's. Club moto is getting over priced w/ a lack of effort on track prep. Please post any info you might have.....


I was at Sand hill not too long ago. I had a great time. As to how it is compared to the 80's - I have no idea. The tracks are fun and it wasn't too crowded when I went.

I usually ride at Club Moto because it is only 30 min. from my house. I went last Thursday and it was awesome! The track was in great condition. The current layout has fewer jumps than I like. Hopefully they will add some more. It is $20 to ride. Is it overpriced? What isn't in the Bay Area? Let's go for a ride!

I haven't been there since i raced the trans-cal series in the 80's with cmc. It wasn't the best track back then! No idea what it looks like today?

I was there in early December. I thought that the track was great. It was much less crowded than Club Moto. It was a great place for me to work on my jumping. The track is definitly not the two mile course they claimed online, but it was still a good time. The track prep was decent, and with all the rain recently, the track is probably alot nicer than when I rode it.

I raced there on the 1st and it was by far the nastiest muddiest race I have ever done. It is definately not the same track it was in the late 80's and early 90's but it is still a pretty decent track if it hasn't rained lately. If there has been any rain stay away, it is the sloppiest place to ride. As far as being too expensive at club moto, it's $20 compared to Sand hill at $15. In my opinion for 5 bucks more you get a much more fun and well maintained track at club moto. Although last summer I did ride a couple of times at sand hill when I was fed up with the Club Moto crowd. Here is the website for Sand Hill Ranch

If my observations are correct, Club Moto doesn't always offer a full fresh groom each and every time they are open.

I usually go Saturday mornings and wait for about an hour for the other riders to settle the fresh track. Then in the next two or three hours things are prime.

The other options are R-Speed, which is up the road. Can be a bit windy and it's more of a GP style track compared to Club Moto.

Lastly, the GP track located at Hollister (at the upper ranch) is probably one of the best tracks in the area. However, it's only open about once a month. My only criticism of this track is that it gets rutted real bad towards the end of the day, (which nevers seems to happen at Club Moto). But there's usually no one on it in the morning!!


Sand Hill Ranch Sucks. Point Blank. They never keep it up, every time I've been out there no one waters the track. Club Moto did raise it's prices lately, which also sucks, but they at least have a pretty cool track. I've never seen the Sand Hill Ranch in a condition that was worth $15. Club Moto on the other hand has stiffed me a couple of times with track condition, but that's more the weather's fault. Screw Sand Hill Ranch, they used to be rock'n, but now they are just collecting money, and that's it.

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