Hare Scrambles?

Can someone please tell me what exactly a hare scramble is? Thx.

HEY! Who you callin a SAND BAGGER!!!

And some of us race the REAL woods series...The Grand National Cross Country Series or GNCC as it's known....

Sure would like to try that left coast desert racing though.....

Bonzai :)

Your wife is putting the brakes on it? Some advice..


Tell her "It's fun at the races!

We have sack races for the battered wives that are all enjoying themselves for a change. That is of course after they clean up arrows , wash bikes, finish scoring and performing cooking chores.

Mine even drives home and is real happy now that the swelling has gone down on the good eye.


Oops gotta go she is calling....

On a serious note.

ECEA (see ECEA.org) sanctioned Hare Scrambles are usually 2 hours in length over a 5 to 10 mile course. Every lap you get a card punched (or bar code on helmet) at the "barrels" and at 2 hours it is over. This means that if you went through the barrels at 1 hour 59 minutes you will be riding another lap.

The start is by class.

First all the fast boys go like AA , Then by classes the lines will be let go usually at 1 minute intervals. I usually see anywhere form 10 to 30 people on my line. If a big race just B-seniors and if a low turnout race it may be all B-class after the A class the the C-Class and Masters and Women last.

It is a true test of endurance to ride as hard as you can for 2+ hours. I had my best finish this Sunday and can only say I have been training real hard and riding the DRZ a bunch. I am not a natural so I must work harder.

For your first event just plan on riding an not getting hurt and most of all enjoying yourself. Learn from what you didnt like. If you mash your hand you will learn to properly install bark busters. If you ran out of gas you will learn to manage your fuel. It's a big game of preperation.

Putting around a field will no longer be fun after a few hare scrambles!

I prefer Hare Scrambles because they don't consume the whole weekend. Enduros require computer programming /strategic gas stops. They start at 0700 or 0800 usually and require a hotel or camping the night before when far away. I can drive to most hare scrambles in the morning race at noon and pack up and be home to watch "Malcolm in the Middle" after cleaning up the bike and getting gear in the mud room to be cleaned for next week.

Good Luck! but you should try one!

Natural terrain race, fastest rider wins. The series I race in is at least 60 miles, no more than 100 miles. Usually made up of a series of loops on the same course, or perhaps 2 different, loops, all running you back through the start/finish area, to get more gas etc.

Originally posted by YZeezee:

Can someone please tell me what exactly a hare scramble is? Thx.

Usually a two hour (more or less) all-out race around a course that covers 2-10 miles per lap.


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I resisted the temptation to tell you that we let some rabbits out and then chase them all over the place.

I was surprised to see 2 straight answers in a row, but thanks, that does help. I figured it was something like that-just curious. Do they usually have many different classifications of riders, or just one group, good luck?

Usually all classes from mini's to super seniors. Many with the normal amount of sand baggers.

Hey Yzeezee,

When ya gonna buy my lighting coil man? Ya know ya want it.

I do want it-it's my wife that's putting the brakes on it. She thinks things like landscaping, cars, food, useless things like that are more important than making my bike legal...go figure!!!

Thanks for the info. I'd definitely like to give it a shot soemtime soon. If anyone has info. on of these "hare scrambles" in CO, throw it up here-if I go, that'll be just one more rider you can finish in front of... :)


Have seen some of your posts and know you are a serious racer. GNCC is the premier off road series in the nation.

Personally I haven't entered a race in several years, mostly because as I've "matured" I seem to enjoy the physical challenges offerred by long distance multi day events, where speed is only one piece of the successful equation. And old age and experience can be an asset, well sort of.

If you haven't had the opportunity to ride the forests of the NW you are cheating yourself out of a great riding experience.

Good luck in the GNCC this year!

Originally posted by YZeezee:

Thanks for the info. I'd definitely like to give it a shot soemtime soon. If anyone has info. on of these "hare scrambles" in CO, throw it up here-if I go, that'll be just one more rider you can finish in front of... :)

Berthoud runs a winter series. A couple of TT'ers run that series.

Aztec had one last winter. The turnout was good and Byron has mentioned maybe another couple this/next year.

There used to be a couple up in NE CO in Binkeman and Julesburg, but they're no more.

Check www.racermec.org for schedules and hanging out here would be your best bets...

Sorry for all the straight answers...



I hear that, My mom's family live just south of Mt Rainier. I have been up in the NW mountains many times hunting and hiking with friends...I wish I could fit my WR in the Baggage compartment of a 767. It seems like everytime I get a chance to plan a driving family vacation, something comes up at work to make me fly.

I love to race....My wife says I take it much too seriously though. I don't think I'm anywhere near as bad as I used to be, but I still get pumped up a week before a race and stay that way until it's over and I'm loading up to go home. Granted I'm nowhere near the level that I raced 20 years ago...and I'll probably never be a serious threat to the younger riders....But I so do love the thrill of spanking kids in there twenty's ...I will never forget racing at Loretta's this year and had a group of five riders that tried to stay on my rear fender....at the end there was only one still with me.....They liked to have had a coronary when at the end of the race I pulled off my helmet and there kids were ragging them about being smoked by "an Old Dude".... Sometimes I get carried away and have to remind myself that I have to go back to work on Monday morning to support the Family....

Bonzai :)


I hear you loud and clear. If racing or riding isn't fun what is the point? Have fond memories of lining up for a HS and looking at the fire in the eyes of the 16 year old next me, a 40+, and wondering how long before he attempted to make me part of the course. :)

Need to break down the WR and pack in suitcases and ship it with you for the trip to visit yor mom's family. Then the trails would be much more enjoyable. :D

It is a great feeling to have had a close race with someone and have the satisfaction of beating them, and a huge amount of FUN!

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I haven't missed a Valley Dirt Riders (Berthoud CO) hare scramble in 4 years. They are my favorite races, held 5 times every winter. They use both MX tracks and the terrain in back, for a total of about 7 mile loops. The course is groomed and watered, so the traction is exellent. These are not really typical HS races, more like long MXs. They used to be 2 1/2+ hours, but last year they dropped to 2+ hours. Most normal guys on 250Fs can finish on one tank, but most other MX bikes need to stop for gas or get a large tank. The start is by class, dead engine, with your legs over the front wheel facing backwards. An MX bike with a large tank and a steering damper is the way to go.

If you are a 1st year racer, race sportsmen. If you want to check out the classes and who you would be racing against, click here:


Good luck! First race is in October.

Originally posted by mikeolichney:

Good luck! First race is in October.

Mike, if you think about it, post a reminder here a couple weeks before the race. I'd like to come up and try my hand...


Thanks Mike-I've never been to that track either-I'm thinking I might give it a shot on Thursday-do they really open at sun-up? If you're around I'll be the one going much slower than anyone probably should on a YZ... :)

Merfman, I will remember to post a reminder for you, unless of course you are a 40+ (which you are, right?) Then I am sure I will have a memory lapse. I have had the dubious honor of you whooping me good at LCE and I already have all the competition I need. (Just kidding).

YZeezee, if you go and want to go early, go wed, fri, sun, or monday. They prep the track on Tues, Thurs, and weekends to it will still be good in the early morning, and no one will be there. Dont worry about being slow. The pros blow by me like I am standing still. Pretty soon its all mixed up and you cant tell who is winning or who is last (unlike MX). And its pretty hard to be last-only one person gets that position. There are many people out there, kids on 80s, women on XR100s, etc. No matter what your skill level, you will have people to race with. The course is wide and safe, and the dead engine start format really takes the scariness out of the first turn. Plus, on a 2 hr race, the start isnt near as important as VDRs 10 minute MXS. They are a great way to start racing.

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