Info on Sand Hill Ranch

Has anybody been there lately. I heard it went down hill from days I used to go there, mid 80's. Club moto is getting over priced w/ a lack of effort on track prep. Please post any info you might have.....


Not to step on your post.... But, what about Laguna Seca??

What's the track like and cost?


well they both are overpriced! Sand Hill is a joke now a days,Club Moto is good and they do take care of the track more then anywhere else in NCal and i like it the best but do to the prices I only go there like once a month. Sand hill I dont bother really. They both are probbaly under water at the present time. Carnegie has a nice track in Tracy if they maintain it but that hasnt happened with all the rain in the last 3 weeks. Hollister is fun for trail riding and they have a fun MX track but it is small.upper ranch at Hollister is fun and is taken care alot but getting a chance to ride on it is rare as its for races only.They have open days for practice before a race weekend that you can ride it but also cost 15$


Casey :)

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