WR250F modification

i ride the track as well as woods and i can ride my bike in the woods with it set up for track. i have yz timing, cut the wire, removed airbox baffle, r4 white bros exhaust, twin air. What gearing should i use and how could i make my bike more track worthy? Should i change the jetting? and adjust the needle please fill me in. What is a P38?

i think that there is already a thread going on a mixed trail/track setup...

click here

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

This really depends on whether you have a tight and narrow track like supercross or an open track like outdoor MX.

Generally for tracks you want to tighten up the gearing so there is less change between gears and you can still get power at high revs.

To do this you either need to go bigger on the rear sprocket or smaller on the front sprocket. Gowing smaller on the front gives you a more noticable change (1 tooth front = ~2-3 teeth rear). The disadvantage is that you will likely tear up you chain guide on the front of the swingarm more rapidly. Going larger on the back will likely require a new chain and also puts the sprocket more at risk when riding in the woods.

I am awaiting a 12 tooth countersprocket for my WR as we speak.

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