DR-Z125L added to stable

Maybe a crazy move since I haven't got my 400S figured out, but my wife has caught the "bug". We picked up a 2003 DR-Z125L on Saturday. She has about two hours riding around the yard with only one drop. The 125 forum is not very active, so I have come here for advice.

What can be done to improve the 125? Are hand guards available? Can anything be done to bring the front brake lever closer to the throttle (modification or replacement lever for smaller hands)?

She'll like the bike. Acerbis (sp) hand guards are on my son's. They fit just fine. We haven't done any mods to my son's ( Christmas gift). I don't think there's too much out there yet. The only complaint about the machine we have, dealer was a little sloppy putting it together. It seems to be as well made as my 400e. And the grin factor is real high. Hope that helps some.

Sure, you can put all kinds of custom goodies on that, like hand guards, etc. As far as the front brake is concerned, have her try and just grab it with a couple of fingers, if she can reach, that might make it a littel easier for her. I believe that lever integrates with the switching for the brake light, so keep that in mind if you look for a replacement setup.


I don't believe it has a brake light. Those are usually integrated w/ the rear brake as far as I know. Does it have one?


Handguards would be a great addition. I would install the full wrap around with aluminum kind like my Enduro Engineering guards. Them stupid, flimsy plastic-only roost guards are a waist of time and money. If your wife has really small hands I would suggest that you try to find a lever/perch assembly from a smaller bike, i.e. DRZ110. However, you need to ensure the lever will be compatible with the DRZ125 brake cable. Unless of course, you got the one w/ hyd brake. Now that I reread your post, I'm suspecting you do. Hmmmm.......

No lights on the bike at all.

Sorry, my bad. In my head I hear 125L and I think like XR250L or XR650L which is the lighted dual-sport version of those bikes. Yours should not have any light switching. I've seen some MSR levers that run closer to the bars. They have a bend that brings them in and parralel to the bars, just closer. They even have little padded inserts so they'll be easy on her fingers.

...Or ya could just bend the lever in a bit. :)

When I got my son's 125L, it came with 200 "Suzuki bucks." I made him buy replacement levers. Come to think of it, there were some after market levers with different bends. Some may be closer to the grips for your wife.


What Acerbis guards? Are they the Minicross Rally? I looked at their web site, but could not determine if they will fit and if the stock mounting kit is included or not.

This is going to sound dumb but, I don't know. They are the same ones I have on my 400 except, they have an aluminum "bar" running through them. Mine on the 400 are just plastic. They are a universal fit. If you would like, I could try and send you a picture if that would help.They have the exact same mounting brackets as the ones I bought for my 400. I'm kinda slow about these bikes. My strong point around things with engines either say Pontiac or have wings.

We bought one way back last April for my wife. She loves the little bike & so do I :D I flat track around the yard quite often on it. :) 1st thing I did was richen up the carb fuel screw. It must be drilled out to do that but it is easy. No other mods yeat to hers. Checked the valves at 8 hours use & the exhaust was loose probably like that from new since it should have tightened up instead of being loose. Change oil add gas & go rip.

We use it the most as a pit bike when I go roadracing. Other than that it rarely gets used. Wife does not ride much.

Very cool little bike.

I did the airbox/jet/exhaust mod from a thread on the 125L group on my son's DRZ125L, and it made a big difference. Starts easy, more power, and sounds deep albeit a bit odd. We also put on the Acerbis handguards, but he still breaks the levers. He rides it hard, and is having fun jumping.

Good luck and good choice of a bike!

Here's the link to the 125L thread or just search for "jetting": http://www.thumpertalk.com/bike/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB43&Number=371160&Forum=UBB43&Words=jetting&Match=Entire%20Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=6months&Main=366013&Search=true#Post371160

Thanks for all the replies. I posted a message on the 125 forum and someone suggested the Rally Pro guards. I have those on my 400S, so I will do some experimenting. They just look way too big for the small bars on the 125.


I too had some sloppy assembly work to deal with. After giving it a quick look over, I found the front brake level extended too far out and the front number plate was about to fall off. I am going to give it a thorough examination this weekend.


I wish it did have electrical power. I think she might need a "get out of the way" horn. :)

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