I am looking for an mx dealer in chicago

End off march I will be in chicago for one week. I would like to purchase a WB - Ramsey exhaust system. So i need to find a shop that would order one for me.

I live in Germany and with taxes the system is really expensive here.


I don't know of any MX dealers in the city, but two big discount dealers are Chicago Cycle Center and Champion Cycle. I'll get you web addresses if you can't find them online. Downers Grove Yamaha www.dgy.com is more of a MX dealer. They have a race team. I'd guess they are 25miles from downtown. Will you have a car while you are here? I live in northwest Indiana 20 miles from downtown. I get an excellent discount from my local dealer. I'd be happy to get you a price and run you over there, if you like the price and can make it down here from Chicago.


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