Thinking Bout Buying

I was in the market for a quad again. But after reading about the 450 engine failures, I have decided against paying 5k+ that is going to break.

I have had several XRs through the years. Honda seems to have a problem of their 450 motors going.

I am wondering about the reliability of the WRs. I am thinking of an 06-07 450.

I like the looks of the super moto and might get rims down the road. I am wondering what the valve adjustments are or known problems that these bikes have or more over, those particular years.

I want to just ride and do routine maintenance...

change the oil , check the valves once a year . they rarely have to be shimmed and there easy to get at and check .

there pretty much bullet proof , my friend did a long distance race on his and hot seized the engine from holding it wide open for a great distance . he stood on the kick stand for about a minute un-seized it and 5 kicks later it ran and he finished the race . sold the bike about a year later .

i have never had a problem with my 450 there great . the new honda's are fine .

The TRXs had a problem with the bottom end and tranny. Are they different in the crf?

IMO the Honda and Yamaha engines are fine. I have given my WR/XR many many beat downs and drowings with zero issues. I cannot even get it to over heat and I have sure tried. These are tough motors.

So the WRs have no issues at all?

So are you going for a quad or a bike, I don't understand? Listen, either way you go, Honda, Yamaha, these engines are great. Yes they both had their quirks when they first came out but now you can't go wrong with either one. Basically it's what color you prefer. I've had the Honda TRX450R, and the Yamaha's YFZ450R, Raptor 700R, and now the WR450F dirtbike. You just can't go wrong with whatever you choose. They are all reliable powerful engines, so what color do you like? Haha, seriously though, I like my Yamaha's a little bit better than the Honda's, and I grew up on XRs. If you're looking for a quad, than seriously look into the new YFZ450R EFI Yamaha came out with for 2009, this bike looks awesome. This looks like a great Motocross/Dune machine. If you are looking for a All-Purpose, does everything machine, not really meant for racing but really powerful, than seriously look into the Yamaha Raptor 700R, I love this bike, does whatever I want, and the EFI is sweet.

If you are looking for a bike for dual sport motorcycle, than go with the WR, or CRX, or KTM 690 Enduro R, you can't go wrong my friend. They are all wonderful bikes! Trust me, I've tried them all!

Good Luck!

The WRs and XRs we have are great no problems.We had 250-450-x-r hondas for baja running 4-5 day rides no good.Too many valve adj and oil loss before rides end.

A few months ago a coworker picked up a 2003 YZ450F for $1400. Brought it to my garage valves checked good so we replaced the valve guide seals and a top end for I think right at $200 for everything. Thats $1600 for a damn good running 450F 4t thats almost 6 years old now!

Runs very strong now on long days out in the desert.

If you take care of them they will last you just as long as your XR's do...a little more frequent maintenance than the XR's but a hell of a lot better performance as well (in my opinion that is...coming from an XR650R)

I dont know, like the WR, I have been eye balling the different super moto bikes. I will never see a desert in Texas. How much are street conversion kits and those super moto rims?

Obviously every manufacturer has models that are more prone to intensive maintenance than others.

Honda's CRF is a very high maintenance motor compared to any other brand, Japanese brand. Thing is, Honda has never acknowledged the valve issue. It's not IF, but when.... I must also admit I owned 3 CRF450R's that did not have a single valve issue: changed oil every 300 miles, clean air filter all the time and never rode the rev limiter/lugged it all day long.

I'm sure there are Yamaha owners, current and former, who dislike the brand for whatever reason, maybe a lemon of a bike. But if I only had x-amount of dollars to spend on a quality motorcycle the WR450F and its renowned reliability would be at or near the top.

Do the yz450f and the wr450 have the same exact engine?

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