Dead Battery? Probably Not!

I noticed a post on this. Everyone in this situation.


There is a proper way of recharging these batteries. It actually involves giving them a jolt of about 20 amps for a short time and then charging as normal for periods of up to 48hrs. There was a long article on this done in part by Yamaha in this months issue of SnowTech (snowmobile magazine, darn 4-strokes are starting to show up there). They were trying to sell a particular battery charger, but the basic principles hold true for all batteries. For the price of a new battery you could get another 2 years out of your current battery and have the battery charger to boot!

If anyone's interested, let me know, I'll try to get the article copied, or at least get the name of the battery charger.


Here's another set of links with reams of good battery charging and maintenance info.

Battery FAQ

if you can get it coppied my battery is all messed up



Proper? This is a "trick" that has been used for decades. The issue is when the sulphur crystals build up due to battery misuse (letting it drain and stay drained) it punctures the insulating layers between the battery electrodes and creates a short. Pumping 20A through it will burn out that short.

If you tried to charge it beforehand and measured the voltage across the terminals you would find that it had probably charged to around 11 volts. This is because of the short in one of the 6 cells of the battery.

The trick does work, you can get the battery up to 14+ volts as it is supposed to go - but you cannot fix the hole in the insulation that was created by the sulphur crystals. This hole will leak current, albeit at a much slower pace than the sulphur crystal, and it will be prone to sulphur buildup once again.

Bottom line is this, if you use this trick you should 1) always be with someone who can jump start you if needed, 2) have a backup kickstarter or 3) stay in your own yard. These bikes are a beast to start with a dead battery. I know, I did exactly this trick for one whole season with my DRZ!

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