Kind of a stupid question about MX tires

i always wondered about speed ratings on my tires, i have Michelin Supercross S12's front and rear and i like to bang through the gears (not literally :moon: ) on my street (i live in the sticks and no one really close) i hit around 80mph. what are the speed ratings for mx tires. i just dont want a blow out around 80 lol might hurt alittle. i am sure i am not the only one thinking about MX speed rates :thumbsup:

Interesting question....I've wondered the same thing. I've had my S-12s up to 90mph, and 80mph for an extended time(during a dual sport).

they are rated as off road tires, so they are not speed tested on road surfaces, running on dry pavement will generate heat so, you're on your own.

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