who makes the ...

little vent caps for your gas cap. The ones that you get rid of the hose? thanks

I'm not sure who makes them but i think i read these will plug up and restrict fuel flow. I think this is what caused mcgrath's crash.

This has been bugging me because I thought I saw it on BBR or Pro Moto Billet before, but I didn't see them on their web pages. But, I did see it on Chaparal (who I will never order from again). It is item #W1435 5, MX Plus Vent Cap.

not sure who makes them but I saw them in stock at Matt's shop "The Pit" on cave creek rd and greenway.

White Brothers sells them. They come in different colors too.


Go here. click on intake and carb. and they will come up with all kinds of vent products.

$6.95 for the gas cap vent.

Thanks, I found that one this morning but it is rather large. I will check with WB.

Tom, that is far! Thanks for the tip though.

I had one of those on my 620sx ktm and it became clogged causing a real head scratcher....stick with stock you can always zip tye the hose somewhere if it gets all twisted up.

Try this link. http://www.elineaccessories.com/Airhead.asp

My trail buddy uses one of these on his CRF and he has had zero problems. I don't see how it could get clogged unless your bike is upside down in mud or water. You can blow it out with air after washing. The way mxraceraz keeps his garage and bike, I'm sure it won't be a problem. I think that valve looks like a communication device. "Echo Base to Foxtrot 3, over" LOL

I bought one from Chaparral (search for MX Plus Vent Cap on their website). It is made by a company in Tualatin Oregon. Very cool, red, check valve. Lets air in but prevents gas from spilling out.

thanks antman. that was the one i was looking for. i just hope the quality is better than their cf skidplates..lol..

I knew about that one Antman, but someone said it cost them just as much to ship it as it was for the part.

Ask how much for shipping.

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