My buds are killing me!! I try to stay on the track for the simple fact that I cant seem to keep good control in the sand pits. I know this is a stupid question but, what is the trick. This is the only area that is slowing me down in the trails. Everyone I ride with keeps telling me Im not giving it enough gas. YEA, that one caused the rear end to be buried to the swing arm going up hill. That works great if forgot your side stand but it sucks when your trying to get some place. All tips WILL be tried, DONT KILL ME!! Please. Thanks

Momentum, Momentum, Momentum!!! Keep on the gas and keep the front end light! Sand robs horsepower and momentum! Watch , ride, and practice. :)


I ride motocross sand tracks only--the pain is less when I crash. I lowered my air pressure to 9lbs, adjusted to the proper SAG, and went in 3 clicks from factory on my rebound. However, I am 215 lbs, so my suggestions may not work for you. Good luck. JEd

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