aftermarket throttle?

What's a good aftermarket throttle to buy? I don't want one with the brake lever attached and don't want to spend huge amounts of $.. I've heard that some people use an XR70 throttle with the cable.. Does it work good?

I have a fast 50's on my son's bike. work's great but it's about $90. It also has the brake on it. I have an Applied, that comes with it's own cable and it's about $50. The brake is not connected to it. It's plastic and probly not as strong as the fast 50. I'm now waiting to get a new one from hondamini trail for $28. I'll post how well it works.

Do you have msn? Im interested in the applied throttle.. Is the cable longer then stock? Will it work without any mods on the fast50 setup?

I'm using a computer with msn. I have e-mail on yahoo. The Applied work's with stock carb. I'm not sure if it's longer but, I have big bar's and my buddy has bigger bar's and it work's fine. The whole thing about this throttle is it has it's own top that replaces the stock top of the carb where the throttle goes into the carb. It's made out of billet.

check your PMs

I run the Fast 50's throttle and couldn't be happier with it. It comes with a billet throttle tube and it looks trick. If you're going to change the bars and clamp anyway you'll find that you can't really beat the price. I'm kinda suprised that you went and ordered graphics and other useless items but you don't have your bars yet. :)


I ordered sobe graphics and already have yellow plastic lol..

Basically it's a pit bike, so I can survive riding with stock bars for awhile.. What's even more surprising is that I don't even have a 50 yet :):D

What's the holdup man? Need to get in the garage and start tweaking it out before spring. The bars are without a doubt the best thing you can do to your bike followed by a shock, and....You say now that it will only be a pit bike but once you start ripping around your backyard and beating the snot out of it you'll become a junkie. :)

birddogg, i agree with your comments, joka you will soon be infected with the same sickness that we all have, it is easiest just to do it all at once, if you can afford it you will be happiest with a complete factory 50. I know I am and I took a similar route to you, it would have been cheaper and quicker just to get everything at once.

lol! I can see it coming already! Some symptoms are restless nights, cold sweats, shivers, ability to not stop looking on ebay/tt, and day dreaming in school about how cool it's going to be :)

Do you guys suggest buying aftermarket pegs? I found some fast50 ones for a good price..

PS: I'd rather not get everything at once because then I won't have anything to look forward to next month! Is it just me, or is waiting for parts just like christmas was 5 years ago? I can hardly wait to get my graphics and tech 8 latches :)

pegs are a must for me, it feels like a big bike right-o-way

Ok.. Does it matter what type they are as long as they are oversized? The ones im looking at are fast50s and I believe they are the $89 set.. Do they come with springs?

I have the Fast 50's stainless pegs/floorboards. Luv em. :D I'd buy the stainless over the billit aluminum ones any day. They're cheaper and if you've ever tried to cut or grind stainless you'll know why. Well worth the extra ounces. :)

Do they come with springs? Are they easy to put on? Im this close | | to buying them :)

Yes, :) they come with springs. 1 cotter key, 1 pin to install.

thanks! im trying to get ahold of him now :)

a good aftermarket throttle is by Sik50s, thye make a billet throttle or they also carry applied throttle and they are both worth it for the money

Do you know if the applied throttle has a longer carb cable? What's needed for it to work correctly (I know you need a brake lever and perch, but what else)?

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