Found one, Do I want it?

I bought a early production 2002 Dodge Ram, no laughter please, and it has been the biggest piece of S(*&^T you could think of.

Here's my question. How much different is this bike from the 426 and what kind of reliablity has the 426 had?

My main concern is the engine, I'm coming off a 99 yz250 2 smoke. Have the valves on the 426's required constant attention like the CRF450 guys talk about or have the Yamahas been more forgiving in this respect. Is the valve train on the new bike the same as the 426 or completely new.

Reliabilty is the big QUESTION I don't want to be a gennuia pig again.


Ben Rammed Once

0 problems with mine, valves have always been in spec (knock on wood).

Dodger :):D

Guess I wasn't clear on this post.

I found a WR450F, Do I want it?

Hope that clears up my post.

If not, there are others that will.

You must not have got the cummins diesel for power... And for the bike I have 02 wr426 reliable and dont have any concerns. If you take care of it, it will take care of you! :)

Dude, that's one hell of a typo.

What he meant was he is afraid of the first model-year lemon factor. His Dodge was redesigned for that year and it was a POS.

He has found a WR 450 but is afraid of the same thing. Can he expect the WR 450 to be reliable? Will it be a lemon? Should he buy it?

:D :D :)

When is the last time YAMAHA made a POS dirt bike??? :)

Go ahead and get the bike.I have owned four first run yamaha's not one lemon in bunch. I know you will not be disappointed,and I have wr450f on order.(#5) :)

Hick, thank you for being able to see so clearly though the muddy water I stirred up.

I have an '02 as well so I have to ask, What problems have you had so far? So far, so good for me but is there something I need to be concerned about?


2002 4X4 with 5.9 take a deep breath and here we go........

A/C compressor

high pressure A/C hose

Blower motor

another compressor

right rear power door lock

left headlight wire haress(no high beam)


right power window

left rear power door lock(waited 2 months parts this time,TSB)

last but not least rear diff chatter (carrier bearings)

They don't have a ready supply of parts for some systems which required many return visits for the same problem.

A/C 9 visits

door locks 5 visits

window only 1 that time

diff 2 visits

headlight 2 visits

Just my 2 cents but I don't feel that's a good average for a new truck with under 20,000 miles


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