Vortex X10 review on 03 YZ250f

I have a 03 YZ250f and my ride buddy also has a 03 YZ250f and just got a Vortex X10. We went for a 70 mile ride Sunday and traded off. He has a CRD pipe and I have a stocker with a pro-moto end cap. First off let me tell you that mine seems to be a little more snappy and seems to rev quicker. I believe this is due to the stoke pipe being about 3-4 inches shorter than the CRD. The CRD is nice and is quiet and makes good power it just doesn't seem to come on quite as quick. Mine also has about 300 mile more than his and may be a little looser :>) Anyway on to the Vortex... it does solve the miss everyone is having at 1/2 - 3/4 throttle. It also seemed to make his bike smoother??? We tried some of the settings and I always found that the non adjustable position was the best. The traction setting really did seem to work well and make it softer and more controllable roll on which was nice on the huge hill climes we were doing that were slick. Overall I would have to say it did make the bike run better, start better, and possibly make more power. I have heard people say 3-4 HP and I have to say no way. That is a bunch and you would really feel it. Will I be getting one??? I don't think so, it is a nice product and works well but I am really happy with how mine runs stock and love the big mid range hit it has. I am spending money on the suspension and other goodies. Would I recommend it? Sure, it works well and does what it is advertised to do.

Thanks for the update on the X10. I have one and will be installing it this weekend.

I wonder, however, if the main advantage of the Vortex is on MX or SX tracks, and not on trails? I'll be riding mine on MX tracks with need of having raw power out of the corner, without any loss of top end. "Supposedly" the X10 provides that.

There likely isn't a great deal of difference between stock and the trail/traction settings you were using. But, there is "supposed" to be a significant difference on the MX and SX settings versus stock.

What setting did he have for the #1 position - the non-adjustable one? I think that Mike programs the #1 and #2 handlebar settings based on what type of riding you tell him you are doing. For example, he put the MX and SX settings on my two handlebar positions. He may have put something different on your friend's???

Correct... it was shipped with settings 1 and 2 activated. These settings should be about as far apart as they come according to the literature. As far as MX/SX verses trails we are fast trail riders and do a lot of off-road racing and ISDE, WORCS, GNCC type stuff and the trails we ride have sections that mimic Washougal type terrain and such. I think I have a good idea of what the Vortex does as we tried it on open and tight stuff and were hammering it pretty hard. My belief is that the stock YZF motor is tuned very close to max from the factory. Yes gains can be found but they are small and incremental and many times a trade off basically moving the power band around. I like the product and it does as described. The different settings did change the power curve. Without a dyno it is hard to tell what the real difference is but I find it really hard to believe 3-4 HP in any setting.

Oh, and regarding the settings we tried a few of the different maps. They did seem to move the power around. We tried to chose ones that were at different ends of the spectrum so the difference would be more noticeable. Allot of the riding we did was very high traction (loam) and I would think would be a good test for the unit. We were talking about it and some give you more bottom, some mid, some top... my suggestion is where is the setting for all those enhanced at once? :)

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