Reduced throtle

Do any of you know of a way of reducing the amount you need to twist the throtle in order to reach 100% throtle? I don't care if it's harder to twist than stock. I was thinking of having a machinist(sp?) make me a new throtle assembly with a larger radius cable puller thing. However, it would be better if I could just buy one. I'm also looking for one for my CR125. Also, while I'm on the subject of throtles, why are there 2 cables on the 450? it seems to me that one of them does nothing... :)

Thanks, Thomas

Call Jim at Racers Edge. (303)986-2107. He makes a motion pro cable with a "quixel" which is a very small grey box (1/2 wide x 2" long) that is inserted into the throttle cable. Basically it reduced the radius by 1/2. I bought one in 2000 for my cr125 and it was awesome. I could stand through whoops and sand tracks while wide open and elbows up. Loved it. I'd only recommend it for a 125 though as big bores would loop out and wheelie way too much. If we could find a way to get somewhere between stock radius and 1/2 of that then we'd be in business....I have reduced wrist range of motion from a previous injury and I'm still contemplating how to do this myself. Let me know if you get one....they're terrific.

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