Best motorcycle accessory ever....

If you have a Nokia mobile with a g.p.s. you can download this application for free.

It tracks your days ride and when you upload it to the website listed below it even adds photos taken during the day with a press of a button.

You can add captions to your photos later to upset your mates as well!!!

It overlays your trip onto a map and gives you all your stats, top speed, distance, altitude etc...

You can also overlay it onto goggle earth with the KLM button.

A great way to share your trip with people and actually see where you where.

Link to a recent desert ride below......

Very cool Snakko88. You and your mates would fit right in with us in Montana.

great link,Snakko88, just uploaded it. when wher you up at Murrayville? a group of us stayed at Big Billy Bore for a few days, approx 40km south of Murrayville in early October, the tracks up there are unreal,

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