Bad gas in float bowl

Just a tip in case anyone else has had this trouble. My '07 WR450 was always hard to start if it had been sitting for a few weeks. I talked about it with a friend of mine who builds and tunes Superbikes and he suggested draining the float bowl. He said that gasoline these days goes bad quickly, especially in small amounts. Sure enough, I drained the float bowl, refilled it with gas from the tank and it started right up. Don't know if the ethanol content of the fuel has anything to do with it but the problem seems to be solved. FYI.

My Brother's Husky 2T had the same problem, matter of fact, most bikes sitting a week plus usually have a slightly harder time starting with the old gas on the bowl.

The bowl is not sealed well - it is open to the atmosphere (the tank is more sealed) and the octane burns off faster than in a tank, so when you start your bike, it doesn't want to run because your octane is likely down around 75-80 after a week of sitting in the bowl.

that was the most common plroblem with small motors when customers would bring in their lawn mowers and weed eaters,generators,they always thought it was something really broken.

I've experienced the same issue with my carbureted R6 sport bike. If it sits for a few weeks in the warmer weather, it starts harder and idles lower initially. By the time I get to the end of my street, its idling smoothly again. I also feel that since ethanol attracts moisture, most likely the fuel in the float bowl has a small amount of water mixed in it causing initial start issues. Boaters have similar issues with ethanol as an oxygenator and the humid marine enviroment. I've had good luck using stabil in my fuel. I use it all the time now and it really does seem to help. Stabil also now sells stabilizer that is targeted at the marine industry and the ethanol problem.

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