My friend TONY has a pink honda......

Yea, my friend Tony has a pink honda... Picture Here

He is going to get white plastic to try to make it as cool as my Blue bike :)

(maybe now after reading this he will register)

Looks like your friend Tony got shafted!!!!!! He thought he was buying a Honda and got a KTM....Ouch! :)

I think my wife would like it.

But for me....... <font color="pink">NO WAY!! :)


:) Someone shoot that thing and put it out of it's misery.


that is awesome. It would really suck if someone passed you in a race on it though...

....even funnier if he was wearing a pink tutu.

That thing wouldn't by chance be in the annual strange parade, would it?

That ain't right. I think the word I'm looking for is "disturbing".


Bay Area........Pink Bike...........

Not that I'm insinuating anything........but.......

I know what your saying.... but I have a blue bike :)

See Here


wasnt that in dirtbike or racerx or something?

Hey, isn't that RideRed's machine? He's not going to be happy your posting his bike all over the internet!

HEY, that's my joke. He even stole my link! :D :D

You have to admit, you just can't stop looking at it. Something like a car wreck. :D :D

Geez guys, I take a break and surf the KTM side for a couple days (boring) then I come back here and everything has went to hell in a handbasket. People stealing my best stuff and guys getting in touch with their feminine side. You all forced me over the edge, think I'll buy a VOR next. :):D RR.

I was at a Supercross in the 80's at the LA colosium and I think it was Rick Johnson, came out wearing PINK GEAR! He won, he said he had to win...

Tell ya what, if your gonna race a pink bike, you better haul some serious ass! :)


What language do you spell honda "KTM"?

Broc Glover was the first to wear pink gear. It was the Superbowl of motocross in Los Angeles in 1984

I still have a pink gear bag. (Hmmm, that didn't come out right). RR.

I'd like to buy that thing for when my buddies lose bets to me. I'd make them race it with a freakin dress and a chest protector. Maybe a big pink bow on their helmet, too. Dang, if I just had the spare change! :D Thing is, they'd probably be so humiliated, they WOULD win. :)

You got it right, that's not a Honda, it's a KTM.........


Dodger :):D

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