03 CRF Misc. plastic parts, caliper for sale cheap

cleaning out garage and here is what I have:

Package- stock sidepanels-white,

fr. number plate-white,

fr. fender-red,

fork guards-white,

front and rear disc guards.

All with 1 ride only. Sidepanels/Fr.# plate

have brand new black backgrounds and white

numbers "47" installed. Front fender does have

a few slight scuff marks from a fall. All other-

wise are unscratched and glossy. $20 + shipping

Dunlop K490 front tire...1 ride only. $10 + shipping

Front brake caliper and brake line....1 ride, nothing

wrong. $20 + shipping

please email me if interested: b_leeman@yahoo.com

thanks, Ben :)

I'll take the plastic. I sent you an E-mail.

I will take the set of side # plates that BENT6 doesen't need. Thanks, Marty...mvmx6@yahoo.com

All sold except front tire for $10 and airfilter backfire screen assembly $10.

Ben, did you get the brake assy. yet?

Damn i got a free filter screen I'll sell for $5 + shipping! :)


Just got the 02 brake assembly today, thanks Fred

Cool, glad you got it okay.

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