1987 DR125 sprockets?

Im picking up an 87' DR125 for my son. I dont know what the sprockets are now, but one is chipped. Since im going to replace them anyway, Can anyone tell me a good set up to use?

I dont know the stock sizes(yet) but we will be strictly off road. Mostly trails, maybe a little track ridding too. Most of the time we will be less than 30mph and will almost never go over 50. He likes to pull a few wheelies too. Just looking to get a little more low end.

Oh, and will the chain have to be changed out too?

any help?

stock rear: 52t

stock front: 16t

if you can find a 14 or 15 front and a 53- 54 rear that will work good.

i have a 83 dr100 and i have a 13 front (i belive) and i am able to wheelie through 1st and 2nd, sometimes 3rd if i get it just right

i tired to find some sprockets for you on ebay and the only thing i found was this 53t rear.


yes replace the chain. they usually go bad before the spockets. bad links can cause havok to your drive train. if it dosent look new. replace it when you change both sprockets.

+1 on the new chain.

chains & sprockets should be replaced as a set. old sprockets will wear a new chain rapidly & likewise the other way around.

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