Pocket bikes N E 1?

A recent article in the Washington Post about "pocket bikes" had me smiling. These things are 18" high, ~50 lbs, go upto 30 mph, they're around $2500, and they fit in your trunk! :) Basically, miniature ride able sport bikes.

They have a couple of local warehouses that race these things, I want to check it out...

Anyone seen these things in action? They race them in the East coast and now the West coast also. 4 manufacturers, 3 in Italy and one in the Czech Republic according to the article. Looks silly (like a circus elephant on wheels) but fun! :D I scanned in the picture from the paper:

Pictures of the pocket bikes

I take it noone has seen these things?

Looks like peewee street bike racing... :) Makes the 50cc class look big :D


I had a freind who had one back in High School 1989-1991

that thing was a blast! have never seen any others.

How big is the engine (25cc)? I take it that it was a 2-smoke?! Does it really go 30 mph on a straight, how about up hill? It can't have much power/torque... :)

I would love to take one out for a spin, they look like fun, but how the heck do you stay on it? I don't see much of a foot peg... How does the throttle work? Are the levers for brakes (can't be for a clutch)?! The seat looks like it's just plain hard plastic - ouch! :D How much weight can the suspension take? :D The article spoke of a guy (6'2"?, 200 lbs?) riding one (not the guy in the picture) as well as kids riding them (more reasonable)! :D

There is supposed to be a company out in San Diego that is distributing these bikes (Pocket Bike Racing?) - here is a web page http://www.pocketbikeracing.com, hmmm, just found another site that is in English http://www.pocketbikestore.com

those things are awesome! my friend has a polini, 50cc, liquid cooled, disc brakes, i think 6.5 horsepower! 30mph is nothin, they will do 50+mph with a 210lb 6' guy on it with ease!!!! it gets a little scary at those speeds, cause your like a foot off the ground and since there is no suspension they vibrate like mad! my ass was numb after a few 50+mph runs up and down the street :). it only weighs 30lbs and my buddy even keeps it on a stand in his living room! check em out http://www.pocketbike.com/911.htm

they even make an 11 horsepower model!!!!


my bad, i was just checkin out that site and it seems my buddy's is only 40cc and 6.2 hp, but they make a 50cc with 12 HORSEPOWER!!!! now that is sick

Yeah, I've been surfing for info on these bikes and the races - since there are clubs near by in my area http://www.pocketbikeracer.com, I might get into it WITH the wife - she was interested too! :) I can see those things sitting inside the house... :D

blata elite 13w...

15hp ????

thats....never mind :)

I know! Scary to have that much hp under you when you're only a few inches from the ground doing 50+ mph! :D I think that thing may have as much HP as my TTR-125L :D:)

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