Found one, Do I want it?

I bought a early production 2002 Dodge Ram, no laughter please, and it has been the biggest piece of S(*&^T you could think of.

Here's my question. How much different is this bike from the 426 and what kind of reliablity has the 426 had?

My main concern is the engine, I'm coming off a 99 yz250 2 smoke. Have the valves on the 426's required constant attention like the CRF450 guys talk about or have the Yamahas been more forgiving in this respect. Is the valve train on the new bike the same as the 426 or completely new.

Reliabilty is the big QUESTION I don't want to be a gennuia pig again.


Ben Rammed Once

Considering the Dodge ram is not going to turn like the 426 in the soft stuff.

You can always stick KTM 525 Pipes on each of the 6 or 8 cylinders to bring up the powerband.

But I am telling you flat, that Dodge is not going to be a happy camper when you hit the doubles

As far as reliablity

well geez its Ram Tough isnt it

I have had my 00' 426 for 3 years and 2 months. I have checked the valve clearance regularly and still have not had to adjust them..


Did you mean a "CR450F" when you said "Dodge Ram"?

Did you not know that a Dodge Ram is a truck that one may use to haul either bike in, (with or without valve clearance)?

Are you aware of the evils that we inflict on users that don't post clearly?

Come on MAN!!!

Guess I should have proof read my post, I'll take the jackass ears off now and clearify.

I found a 2003 WR450F, Do I want it?

Does that clear up the post or should I just start over.


Whipping Post

Well there ibfurloughed,

Lots of folks round here hate it when I say DONT BUY A NEW MODEL YEAR BIKE.

There I said it, and my 2002 426 has had zero valve problems unlike those red bikes.

If you are dead set on getting a new bike right now, I recommend hunting down a 2002 WR/YZ 426 there are some still out there im sure.

I plan on getting a 2004 yz450 which will have all the fixes that they messed up on with the 2003, its the same cycle for every new model year bike, just ask the 2002 CRF450 guys, yikes....... :)

I found a 2003 WR450F, Do I want it?

No. But I do.

It is going to be hard for us to answer questions about the reliability of the WR 450 because it is all of 1 week old on these shores. I guess the YZ 450 has been here about 4 months now, the only thing I’ve heard is some relatively minor complaints about clutch grabbiness (déjà vu), but there is a relatively cheap and easy fix for that.

I would second the Unibomber’s opinion about new model bikes (or anything, really, like your Dodge). But I dunno about buying a WR 426 over the 450 for any reason. I’m still dying to know how much the WR 450 weighs so I can decide whether I want one or not (advance flame warning to anybody who posts “just go on a diet, duh!”).

I think that, unless you think a CRF 450 will suit you better, you do want the WR 450. After all, it ain’t a Dodge.

My 2¢

since the wr and yz motors are identical short the cam timing, your reliabiltiy issue should be a non factor. Ive got a 2000 model 426, the first 426, and its been bullet proof just about. stupid little things, but ya gotta look at this way, if you treated a car or truck the way most of us treat our bikes, they'd be dead in a week!! :)

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