ZZZzzzzzZZzzz...snore.....Huh? Wha? somethin' happining here? Oh, I guess not...I'll go back to sleep...ZZZZzzzz.... :)

you so read my mind :) i keep thinking it is so sad that we have nothing to talk about compared to the crf450 site, they get two pages of same day replys. so i sit hear and rack my brains trying to think of something to post but i guess my brain is to small, come on people help my short bus brain out.

It's kind of a double edged sword. On one hand these bikes are so good that there is very little to whine about and then post to see if someone else has the same problem. But on the other hand....ZZZzzzzzzz...oops I dozed off again! Have you seen my Piggy Slippers? :)

Hey lookey here a post! LOL Can I still play here even though I'm a pumpkin now? Hey Rokatt nice sig! That's a rip snortin pig now. Nice thing is I sold my pig to a friend. I can still go visit her once in a while and even take her for a spin. She's just not the same though since I stripped her down to her skivies! :)


yes welcome back, at this point i think we will take any make of bike, except drz because one of those guys teased us on another thread and it hurt my feeling and now i hate all drz guys even the ones i ride with :) just kidding sorry it is getting real slow here.

Andy Grande, You know as slow as this forum is, and with having to check out the other forums just to catch some juice, I still can't bring myself to go to the DRZ forum! When that time comes I'll just stick my E-Series in my mouth and pull the throttle! :D

Danco, Yeah Buddy, good to see ya here! We need all the help we can get! I also want to say that I love my new goodies! It is a pleasure doing business with you. I've got an Uber Pig now! UhhhhnnnnT! :)

IF it makes you guys feel better i am switching from the dark side(I had a drz till sombody decided they wanted it more then i did).I found it to be a great reliably bike but i wanted more power....and i had a xr650l before and love the tourqe...can't wait to get my new bike. :)

So, in other words the guy that stole your DRZ didn't make a fast get away?! Sorry to hear about the Creten that stole your scoot. :D Welcome to the Bright Side! :)

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