what are these new jets?

I purchased a new 01 WR426 Christmas of last year. In my excitement I took the manual out to the shop and left the plastic bag in the house.

I recently purchased an almost new 01 just like it for my son. He noticed the jets in the bag and when I looked in my sock drawer I noticed that I also had new jets in my bag provided by Yamaha.

I tried a search for new jets but didn't have any luck.

Would someone be kind enough to let me know what replacement jets they provide with the delivery of the new bike, my salesman didn't say a word about these coming with it.

Thanks in advance.

I believe (with no description mind you) that they are main jets.

Dodger :):D

Mine came with an additional main jet and an additional pilot jet.

There are three sections in the manual pertaining to the carb. In the one in the ENGINE section, there is a diagram of all the jets so you can determine them on sight until you get used to them.

The main is the only jet that is a 6mm hex shape. The pilot is the only jet with a cross drilled emulsifier tube on the end of it.

Good luck,


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