state land permit in AZ

where do I go to get the $15 permit to ride on state land, and If I have this permit can I park and ride at Pima/Dynamite trail area?? in PHOENIX/Scottsdale, thanks any help :)

ask dezthumper. he will know. I left a mesage for him but he has not called me back yet.

I'm curios about this too. I ride at cave creek/ jomax and there are no trespassing signs everywhere but there are probably 50 trucks out there everyweekend...that place is packed and I've never seen anyone getting I just continue to ride, but being legit would be nice.

I have a state land permit actually, and you can get it through the state land department. Here is the link to get you started.

AZ state land permit

Jeff, I forgot to ask last night. oh well as least the link is posted. thanks

went down there today and got one. 15 bucks or 20 for your family, you get a permit and parking permit to hang on rearview mirror. very easy, no line. Go I-10 to 7th ave exit go south 7th ave to Adams turn west go till dead ends past 15th ave park in visitor parking go to bldg directly west of parking structure 1st office insids bldg on right fill out name addres sign pay your gone. Now for 15 bucks I'm legal, I guess you are "supposed" to have one just to be there period. walking,horses,mtn bike, cycles whatever. I've never been asked for one or ticketed but better safe than sorry. :)

thanks for the info. i will stop by tomorrow on my way home from speedworld. :)

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