look!!! Smartie pants!

check this out this guy is going to pay $510 for a Fast50 handle bar kit. It even says right in the item description that it's only worth $209.

Some people should learn to read!!!!!

Wait maybe I should put some bar kits on e-bay and guys like this can pay for my mini XR habit.

unbelievable, he must think he is getting the whole bike or something, man is he gonna be sorry, I would think he would just take the bad ratting and pass on the sale.

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :):D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ;):p:D:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

He might have typed the wrong amount in to bid, or he's just a complete idiot :)

I'm kinda leaning towards idiot. His name is banshee something. You have to be stupid to buy a second rate quad that hasn't changed since 88, and an idiot to brag about it. :)

I talked to the guy who is selling the bars on instant messanger and he said he was really confussed on it too...he thinks the guy thought he was bidding on the bike :)...I mean I am a girl and everything and hardly know anything about bikes...except how to ride (kinda) and I know that is a crazy amount...some people I tell ya

Also he has a really cool 5-0 page if you wanta check it out... Stunt Life

Thanks for the link mysticalgal is always good to se more 5-0 sites.

WOW, all i can sat is wow

i gotta find some stuff ta sell this guy b-4 he runs out of money :)

how bout $1099.99 for a mower i just got from home depot?

theres a sucker born every second...hard parts catching enough of em to make a living at it




Did u guys check out the bid history on this!!!! There was actually 3 people who were bidding on this... guess Banshee really wanted it...someone else bidded $500.... Some freaking people :)

All three of the bidders have very little experience on eBay... LOL


what do you wanna bet that the seller never sees a dime?

I have had a lot of people with not much feedback shaft me on a few auctions

Oh yeah... the dude who bid on these never paid me. :D:):D

Big suprise :)

I hope you gave him a negitive rating.

Man that is so unbelievable that has to be a mistake or that falls into three categories

1: Imbecile

2: Moron

3: idiot

Or Maybe Darwin was right :)

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