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Referencing an article in the Nov. 08 Dirt Bike magazine F2 Racing has an 07 WR450F that is street legal. F2 racings website is down for maintenance so that was no help. I have an 08 WR450F and I am thinking of getting a street legal kit for it. I live in Arizona. Does anybody out there have any info on where to look? Ray Han is the easiest to install.

It also has a built in gps power port and does not require a stator mod.

Call them for info.

Procycle worked great for me (same bike 07). They are probably the least expensive. You still retain your stock headlight and rear light. The guys have awsome customer service. check them out and give them a call. They should save you some cash.

when i bought my xr i had a choice btw a wr450 street legal and my xr. the 450 was 2000 cheaper but i didnt get it b/c i was concerned with the long term reliabilty of it

Very easy to do - we just licensed 2 08 WR450's.....once you have a brake light switch installed with your rear change out light (see websites above) all you have to do is go to a local title/license company (these are all over the valley, you do not need to go to Motor Vehicles) with your title, proof of insurance and depending upon just where you live in AZ should be in the $150-200 range, they will give you a plate, new title, etc. Right now they are not even inspecting the bikes! :thumbsup:

Good luck!

I paid about 60 last week.

I wish I had bought a Trick Dual Sport Kit for my bike.From what I had seen on other bikes they are a very clean straitforward set up.And everything I have heard about their tech dept has been great.

I wish I didnt buy a Dakar Kit from Electrosport for my bike

The Dakar Kit and Customer Service were both disappointing in every area. Not only did I waste money but I paid a lot to become aggravated when I could have done the same thing for free by sitting in rush hour traffic

Apparently, F2 Racing is no longer. Trick DS kit is real nice as the the Baja Designs. I prefer the BD one as it does not require a main circuit board behind the head light, just a simple wiring harness. I have three different headlights/number plate setups. A semi stock WR head lught modded for Hi/Lo beam, the complete headlight/horn/directionals from BD and also a 8" HID race light. These are all plug and play and take less than a minute to swap. I also have three rear fenders. The stock WR with the brake light enabled, a dual sport 'barely legal' setup for when I need to be on the road and the full monty BD setup with signals. I have the BD lighting parts to make DMV inspections go smoother.

Cool thing about the BD setup is you can buy individual sections and easily customize.

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