Cold Weather Starting / Jetting

For the past month or so I have had trouble starting my bike from one weekend to another. I will ride at times on both saturday and sunday. It has been extremely cold in the mornings and warms up a little in the afternoon. When I get ready to start the bike I will have to kick several times trying to get it to start it might start for a second and die. Then I start kicking again several times until I decide to try and put a new plug in. When I pull the plug the tip is covered in carbon and a little wet. Once I put the new plug in it starts on the first kick. So after putting the new plug in I won't have a problem the rest of the weekend. Until next weekend It seems like I go through the same thing all over again sometimes I can get it to start. I'm still running the stock jetting and haven't had this problem until it started getting cold out. I would like to know what I can do to solve this problem.

Richen the fuel screw at least a half turn from where you are now. Especially in the colder AM. Do not go more than about 2.75 turns total.

Cold bikes need a rich mixture to start, that is why you use the choke (richer). When it get's colder outside you have to help the choke by richening up the idle circuit a bit. On the other hand, hot bikes like a lean mixture (the hot start is just a hole that lets extra air in). In your case, cold starting is difficult because you are not rich enough, but hot starting (or warm starting) is not difficult because you are plenty lean.

Don't be surprised if you need to go even a full turn more from where you are.

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