BRP Triple Clamp and Pro Taper Bars?

Tall guys, anybody using a BRP triple clamp and Pro Taper Bars? I'm 6'-2", have been using Jimmy Button bars but it still don't feel right when I stand. Looking for a lttle more height but still need to be able to mount my Scott's stabilizer. Looking to move bars forward and up with a BRP triple clamp and then using either Pastrana FMX, KX High or Windham bars. Has cable length been a problem when moving bars forward and up? I want to make sure I get it right this time as risers, bars, triple clamps, etc. are expensive.

PS Cameron at BRP has been really helpful, it's so nice to get good service.

Can't help ya on this one buddy. Still searching for the right combo huh? That might be a tough decision given all the different manufacturers and combinations available of clamps and risers, etc. Good luck :)

Here my experience. Not OVERSIZED bars but standard 7/8. I use the bar risers from Thumper Racing. 1.5 in up and 1.5 forward. (btw they do not make oversize ones for stock trip clp.) Anyway, the cable length is fine with the standard suzuki, yamaha bends, but the Jimmy Button bend was too high with the risers and the throttle cable was too tight. <font color="yellow">

I run BRP clamps Pro taper Doug Henry bend and Scotts. The bar mounts move bars up and out. I like the position WAY better than stock. I am 6'1". Cable length is not an issue with my bars. They have a CR high rise but have very little rearward bend. The FMX bars will be very tall but if thats what your going for then they will do the job.

I run that setup on my 01 'S'. At 6'4" it was one of the best mods I did. No problem with cables, etc. I remember the service from BRP was top notch. Send a PM if you want any more info.


Just one other thought. You see the set up I run on my drz; however I just installed protaper KX-high bars on my Yz. The kx bend is pretty high, no need for me to use risers with this bar. BTW I am 6'2.

Did it! Ordered a new BRP TC and ProTaper Pastrana FMX bars. I'll post back after they are installed and provide an update. Hope this works. :) By the way BRP was very helpful in sorting through this. They certainly get a thumbs up from me for good Customer Service!!! :D

Man, that's a long installation:p

Man, that's a long installation:p just raised a thread from the dead (2003).

Yup, and only a couple minutes later I noticed that a follow was posted on a separate thread. Sorry;-)

EDIT: I meant "follow up".

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