California "Protest March" July 11th In Sacramento

Public Land for Public Use Protest Rally

About 14 million acres in California, roughly 14 percent of its total land base, is already designated wilderness, off-limits to motorized vehicles, bicycles, horse-back riding, grazing, logging, mining, oil drilling and other forms of commercial development. Boxer wants to add another 2.5 million acres to that! We're going to speak up and be heard.


A gathering of multiple use advocates to protest

Senator Boxer's Wilderness Act of 2002 and

the continual closure of public land for multiple use


Thursday July 11, 2002


Senator Boxer's offices in:

Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, San Bernardino & San Francisco

Our Message

* Oppose Senator Boxer's Wilderness Bill *

* Reform the Endangered Species Act *

Sacramento: We will be meeting at a location near the capitol at 11:00 AM. We will depart for the Sacramento Capitol at 12:00 Noon sharp and proceed to circle the Capitol in a very slow manner. After circling the Capitol, we will drive to Senator Boxer's office to hand over the petition to oppose more Wilderness Area designations. Check back soon to find exact meeting location.

What to drive: Wilderness Area designation excludes mechanical access, so it would be best to bring your 4x4's, mountain bikes, or even tow a trailer with motorcycles & ATV's. We will drive slow enough so the bikes will easily be able to keep up

Please bring your family. We want to show the general public that families loose when access to public land for recreational purposes is denied.

Signs and banners are encouraged, but please keep them clean.

More Information:

Please Sign the online petition to oppose the designation of more Wilderness Areas:

Please distribute to other interested parties....


Friends of Sand Mountain

Crowley Offroad

Even if you cannot attend the Rally, please sign the petition. Thanks, Paul :)

Time to bump this to the top. Come on, don't you guys want to save this sport??????? Let's hear some noise about Boxer and her plan to socialize all of Kalifornia. GET THEE TO A PROTEST RALLY!


Time for another bump. Those of you in states other than California think you're safe? Wait until the BLM finishes us off here in California and sets legal precedents that give them the right to do it. Then you're toast as well. Thanks for those that have helped. By the way, Boxer's Wilderness Bill is a FEDERAL LEGISLATION. YOU'RE NEXT.



Good luck

One second thought, I am damn happy to see some aggresive action being taken. There is no defence against the battle we have been fighting. How do you stop a multi-level attack from the greens, you cant, and it seems like as long as we are on the defence, each action will result in a compromise on our part.

If they said today we want all OHV activities outlawed and stopped, we would laugh and even our weak politicians wouldnt allow it, but by taking little bits and pieces its hard to see and add up how much we have lost. Its a war of attrition, over time they continue to get a little more here and there.

Here in Oregon the land managers didnt even want to go to court when the greens attacked the Back Country Discovery route, part of the route from Canada to Mexico. Instead the land managers caved in and took down the route markers without even going to court. The greens said an environmental assessment was needed for this route and wasnt done. How absurd considering 99% of the route is on existing roads, where street legal vehicles are required (dual sport). Why would you need and EA for driving on roads, isnt that what they are there for. But yet they won on some level, the route is still open, but the signs are not there to help you.

My theory is that we should be asking for expansion of existing OHV areas and the opening of new ones. And then if we only get half of what we ask for we at least get something to stem the loss of recreational opportunities.

A little here and there eventually adds up to a huge loss or recreational opportunity.

Remember many of these group main purpose it to put us out of business. Where as we just want to ride. Get involved now or be sorry later.

Remember the 3-wheeler, it was outlawed, it can happen, while they wont be able to outlaw the bike the can and are outlawing where we can ride.

Most of us are somewhat busy (or lazy), so do something, I know you have $30 to join BRC online, do it now, 5 minutes on the online may make the difference.

If you dont have offense then your always on the defence.

Offense boys, Offense.

AMA #306877

BRC Member since 2001

I signed it a while back #2700ish.

Please sign. It can only help!


I signed the petition and am try to work my schedule to attend the rally. :)

You guys are great! Thanks for the help. Just wish everyone was pulling on the same rope with us. I think it will take all of us becoming very vocal and very political. At least for a while.



Oh man I wish I could make it down to CA for this........cannot wait until Thurs night or Fridays report.........and a forward thanks to all who manage to participate (we need a smiley with a thumbs up!!) :) !

Try to take your children and significant others if possible, show them we're not just in it for us!!

Dodger :D:D

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