Looking for SoCal shock service suggestions

I'm finally getting around to having the rear shock on my '98 KLX300 serviced and was looking for recommendations. I did the Race Tech Gold Valve on the forks, replaced the springs with 0.44 kg/mm rate and was very pleased with the results. My first inclination is to buy the Gold Valve for the shock and have a reputable shop install and set it up for my height, weight, and [lack of] riding style, since I have no desire to amass a collection of specialized shock tools.

I would like to hear from anybody who has had experiences (good or bad) with a suspension shop in the SoCal area. I live in San Diego North County but don't mind driving a couple of hours in any direction to save some money or find a better shop. Race Tech (in Pomona) shows $85 + parts on their website which sounds reasonable. I guess I could ship off my shock to another part of the US but it seems that the shipping costs would add significantly to the cost of the service.

I typically ride desert/dunes (Glamis/Gordon's/Ocotillo) in the winter, trails and the occasional MX track in the spring/summer/fall so compression, rebound adjustability is a must. I'm 170 lb., 5'10" in the morning, and at a beginner/intermediate level.

Any input is appreciated, thanks.

I can tell you that the best suspension person I know of one and its George from Exceptional Suspension Products (ESP). He used to BE Scotts performance guru and decided to go out on his -own. It's worth the call. I know of 5 different KLX's, 3 of which used to belong to Roeselar, that all are tuned and -tweaked by George now. Roeselar even knows him!


tell Iain sent you!

The only "specialized" shock tool that you'll need is a source of nitrogen to presurise the shock after you rebuild it. The shock is easier and quicker to do than the forks.

Go for it!!

Ride on


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