My YZ 400F

I don't have the service manual for my 400F.I want to replace my fork oil.I need to know the correct amount to add and the proper way to fill the forks.Also a suggestion on oil weight would be helpful too!I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. :)

I've got the manual for a 98 YZ, if I can remember tonite, I'll bring it and either post what you need tomorrow, or fax the pages to you. Sorry no scanner available...

You are so cool!Thanks a bunch,what ever works best for you.Any help I can get will be great.I bought the bike almost 1 month ago so I am trying to make sure everything is right before I ride.If you decide to fax the info here is the fax # 916-685-5255,I will pay the cost of the fax if needed.Thanks again for everything.

Greg :)

I think it is race tech that has a great web site that you enter your bike your weight riding ability and so forth and it tells you what spring rate and oil height to use. they also make a great tool for setting your oil height I think it retails for about 39 bones. Good Luck!

Greg, I faxed you over some stuff (probably more than you need) this morning. It's info from the Clymer manual, if you need info from the factory manual, I've got that too.

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