Will a 140 section tyre fit 97 XR600??

Hi Guy's

An XR 600 owning mate of mine wants to know how big can he go up on his rear tyre? he currently runs a 120 section AVON AM24 (road bias tyre).

Whats the biggest (road bias)tyre he can put in? 130 ! 140 !??.

Thanks, from the UK :)

I'm not sure about street tires but I ran a 140-80x18 dirt tire on my XR600. I ran the Avon Gripsters too and the rear was a 120 something and looked thin. I would try a 140.

Cheers dude :) My bike (KLX650) has a 17 x 2.50 std alloy rim and I run a 130 section Gripster.

The XR rim is only 2.15 & my mate thinks he might not be able to fit anything over 120.

Your right the 120 Gripster does look thin !

He likes the Gripster tyre and would really like another but bigger :D

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