Garage Fire!!!

It's over.........

I am still in a state of shock and it really hasn't sunk in yet but tomorrow they are coming to remove the temp boarding and try to itemize my stuff from the garage. What hurts the most is my 87 Hurricane, it was immaculate as it had never been down and looked like new. It was a classic and I had planned to keep it forever but I guess that will not happen. I can get a new car and motobike but not my baby. Suzy as well got torched so my meeting with Trick121's Yami is not going to happen either.

If I wasn't such a pet lover, (I have no kids and these are my kids to me) I might have been able to rescue my 426 and 01 Intrepid, but my pets took priority in my mind.

Here is what happened:

Just finished doing race prep on my bike as my first race of the season was Sunday. Decided to hook up my Battery Tender to my Hurricane and went inside my home for 10 to 15 min. I had planned on taking my dogs to the dog park and when I opened the door from the house to the garage my Hurricane was engulfed in flames! Grabbed the cheezy fire extinguisher and of course it did not work! (Everyone please make sure you have good extinguishers in your home and garage). Opened the garage door and yelled out to anyone who could hear me CALL 911. My van and trailer were luckily in the driveway and I backed them out into the street. Suddenly I realized my two cats were inside, but I could not go through the front door due to the flames. I decided to burst through the lower bedroom window and ran upstairs and found Elsy who looked panicked. Grabbed her and ran back outside and threw her in my van. Went back through the broken window to try to find my 9mo. Ol kitten Seca. By this time the house was engulfed in a black toxic smoke and I could not see or find her. I knew this was a risky maneuver and did not want to pass out so I ran back out. Then I ran to the side of the house and luckily had my gate keys and unlocked the gate. Mojo and AJ were panicked and would not come to me, but I knew they were ok, for now. Went back to the front and finally the fire trucks started to show, I told them I had a kitten inside, they did not say anything but acknowledged me. It seemed like it took forever for the water to get hooked up and start spraying. Meanwhile there are explosions and I'm watching all that is close to me being engulfed in flames. I'm also thinking about Seca, my neighbor Mike managed to pull Mojo out of the yard, but AJ is another story. Both my dogs are strays that I found and AJ had been beaten as a pup, so he is timid of people and would not come. Finally someone shoo'd him out and I saw him run, I thought my neighbor grabbed him but found out later he ran down the street scared. Someone chased after him and later they brought him to me, I was relieved. Then a fireman came out with Seca and she had four bloody paws from trying to get out and was extremely frightened, but ok. So thats itsfor now my biggest dilemma is trying to find a place to stay that will accept pets. Looks like I am done riding for awhile and I know that’s going to hit me later. I have not been w/o a m/c for 30 yrs so I guess I will find out what’s that like. At least I don't have to worry about the crack in my frame no more....

btw I have no power to the home, hence no computer access.

Thanks Again,


fire pics

Sorry to hear about you damage.But i'm glad you and your pets are O.K.

holy crap g-man,

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident. I could not imagine what it would be like to lose all the things in your life that are irreplaceable.

I guess there is a lesson to be learned for the rest of us here. As G-man said, make sure your fire extinusher works.

I know what you mean about your pets being like kids. If anything happened to my yellow lab I dont know what I'd do.Shes my "Big sweetie!"

Take care g-man, my heart goes out to ya,



What a major bummer, this is terrible.

I do agree keep those extinguishers up to date and in pairs

And the pets, I cant loose that Cat poop eatin dawg, The 426 is 2nd to him. Kids and wife are first.

Ya know this really brings up a great topic on Home Evacuation,

If you have kids, Pets, Important papers.

You really need to make sure you can get to the most important things first.

Need a evac plan for the family....


You are very correct, a person should check their fire extinguisher each month and make sure it indicates full charge.

I have two in the house and one in each of our work shops and a garden house in the main shop just incase of fire.

Sorry to hear your loss, but at least you and your pets were not lost.


I hate to hear about your situation, and I hope everything comes out OK for you. Sounds like you didn't loose anything that cannot be replaced and you got the things that mean most to you.

Just a tip for everyone on fire extinguishers. A dry powder extinguisher, even if fully charged, will pack over time as it sits. If you ever pick one up to use it, turn it upside down and bang it against something a few quick hard times. this will loosen the powder that has packed from sitting. You will be much more likely to get the full use of the extinguisher this way.

I have seen extinguishers that were used after sitting for a long period that only worked for a few seconds. This is because they shoot out the powder in the down tube from the nozzle, but the rest of the powder did not come out. Striking the unit against something to dislodge the powder will help this problem. It is hard to remember in the heat of the moment, but it could be the difference between putting a fire out or it getting out of control.


sorry to hear about your loss. I am very glad to hear that you and your pets are ok..

i wish you all the help you need to find a new place, and a new ride...


Scary! Do you know what happened exactly? My guesses are that a spark from the battery tender connection got to some fuel vapors, the battery exploded, or some hydrogen from the battery charging got to another source like a furnace pilot light? What kind of battery tender to you have? Was it on the ground or on the bike? Did you have any open fuel containers or gas rags lying around? It's got me thinking about my garage. Fire really freaks me out. Anyhow, glad everyone's OK and hope you get everything replaced.

I'm sorry for your loss and glad you and your pets made it out okay. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Hopefully the damage was contained to your garage and the house was saved thanks to your quick action!

Well good to hear you're okay and that all survived.

I hope you'll be able to begin a new history, with perhaps some new machines.

Take care.


that sucks! Where were you going to race? AMX series? I live in scottsdale, and race in that series. Didn't hear about any homes burning on the news =(.

EGO you bring up a good point, and maybe we all need to give that a thought.


sorry to hear about loss, the main thing is you and your pets are ok! the rest can be replaced. :)

That sucks dude, but hey everything alive is still alive and everything else can be replaced! At least now you get to start over with a new 450 some day!! Hang in there, I'm sorry to hear the bad news.

Holy crap G-Man....

Did you manage to find a place to stay? I know you know a lot of people in the racing community, but if you haven't had any luck finding a place to stay let me know. I don't have a lot of room, but I'll do what I can.

I know the pets make it more difficult. I'm already watching an additional dog for a friend who is shipping to Iraq.

Man, about the bikes. That Hurricane can never be replaced. I really feel for you right now. Please let us know if your 426 is covered by insurance or not. I'm sure TT can pull together to help you with anything you need.


Sorry man, but it can all be replaced with and the pets are ok.

Damn g-man that sucks!I really feel for ya dude...that is so sad. I am glad you and your little guys are ok.if you have a good policy maybe your insurance carrier will pay for pet lodging until you get right on track. you could visit them daily and walk them and feed them...the people who work in those places are very compassionate and will work with you.this will also lift the burden of caring for them while you rebuild.

I had a bad situation almost end in disaster. I was doing some welding at a shopping mall on a flat roof and a spark got behind some flashing and burnt up a large section of roof sheathing. I had 2 large dry chemical extinguisers and a sledghammer....we got her out in 2 minutes...did about $4000.00 worth of damage... if i waited for the firefighters the whole place would have gone up....about 5 mil the moral to that situation... keep the fire extinguisers in check ... ALWAYS!


It's also a good idea to have smoke detectors in the garage, living room, each bedrm and each hall. They're cheap insurance.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Glad you didn't collpase in the house lookin' for the cat.

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